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Galax is the Creative eCommerce WordPress theme that serves all kinds of niches. Our intention while creating Galax is giving the maximum possibility, maximum work, maximum efficiency at the least effort!

What can you do with Galax eCommerce WordPress Theme?

Galax is a wonderful Multi-Purpose WordPress theme, collecting all the essenses from stars in the sky to make up Galax!

Galax is the theme that gives you everything with all kinds of purpose.

We, just like you, are WordPress users, thus we understand your “feeling” when using this platform. We feel you, bros. For that, we have created Galax, to suit, to match and to fit with any desire and purpose you could ever imagine!

Have you ever used a theme and make it your own site? You must have struggled with contents replacement? Perhaps stucking at customizing the theme? Have you?

Galax got what you need to break ALL of that! Superior easy to customize, replacing contents, along with 500+ of customs, options and settings! Not only that, Galax brings Flexibility, Diversity with exclusively User-friendly UI/UX! It gives you all the tools to construct a marvelous and power-overwhelming website without coding a line! You will never get tired of using Galax.

Galax – the ultimate time saver

It not only saves your money, but also saves your priceless time either!

Fancy with the magical WP Bakery page builder and other premium plugins? Surprise more, as it has also been empowered by us, becoming more powerful than ever!

Extremely Awesome Theme Comes with Extremely Awesome Support.

Been serving WordPress users for so long, we have perfect our Customer Support. With our superior and promptly service, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Help Center. Also, you can check for the theme’s documentation here.

Enough presenting, let’s dive deeper into the theme.

Such demos, many pages, much wow

A theme bundled 15+ demos, 200+ premade pages, plus 20+ post and page layouts. Freely to import, customize and replace. Easily bring crossover elements from different demos together. Exclusively designed for your purpose, unique and never-revealed-before!

Galax’s demos include:
  • Corporate PRO
  • Corporate Classic
  • Business
  • Shop
  • Online Store
  • Fitness
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Fast Food
  • Health care
  • Mobile app landing page
  • Product landing page
  • Construction
  • One page design

and many many more!

Galax is the most prioritized theme of ThimPress, thus we spend a lot of manpower on this. Therefore, the demos are always kept up-to-date, with new ideas/demos built very regularly. Expect more to come and stay tuned for way more surprises from Galax.

What Makes Galax Amazing?

Incredible Performance

Galax proves exceptional efficiency on multiple systems, from windows, Mac, to mobile even with low internet connection. It surpasses all others to give you an incredibly powerful website. You won’t need to be worry about the customization or optimization for your WordPress site, Galax had done it all for you

Fully responsive with Retina-ready

You wish for a beautiful website on mobile device but wondering how to get it? Don’t worry, Galax got your back! With perfect mobile responsive and stunning Retina-ready, Galax gives you a marvelous site compatible with all kind of devices, fit on any browser.

Ultimately easy to use

Not only that, an very user-friendly interface will help you navigate better. We have purged all the confusion and complex from the theme admin panel, helping you achieve higher places with Galax. There’s no struggle, there’s no limit when using Galax.

Ultra Speed with Advanced SEO

Galax was optimized, tweaked and adjusted to reach the maximum speed possible! Have your site load in milisecs, overcome any struggle with advanced SEO from the theme. Every metatag, headlines, pictures and contents was optimized to be super easy-recognized by Google. Your site will be on the tops of search engines, in the fastest way.

The best 1-Click Automatic Installer

Fancy at our demos and can’t resist their beauty to having them on your site? With the sovereign power of Galax, the demos will be automatically installed with just a thought of yours. The best demo importer in the theme will make your site shine fabulously than any rivals. Need no of your effort or handy works, let Galax do the job.

Power-overwhelming tools

The theme provides such powerful tools as WP Bakery page builder, Slider Revolution, many widgets and shortcodes, plus more! Those ones is the best sidekicks which help you built up a mighty empire among websites for your own. It’s you, the Emperor, will be very easy to control over the site at every aspect

Cute child theme for customization works

Also, using our lovely Child theme will make your custom css and works to be saved without erosion! Every idea matters, every custom work deserve to be cherished and Child theme is the best place to preserve them. Remember to activate it and bring all the custom works to it.

A charming theme indeed

Including all kinds of elements from images to text and videos, the theme provides the best and the best only! Galax was designed and built by our best designers, it’s surprisingly beautiful indeed. All the design are exclusive to Galax, with many, many niches and purposes for you to choose. From healthcare, corporate, to fitness, restaurant, and more. All have unique design to fit with the topic and make your site shine!

Awesome Effects and Parallax

Not only that, the effects are helping Galax become more elegant than ever. The awesome parallax with various of options for you will make your site look amazing! Let’s Rock and scroll!

Apart from that, you can make the elements ANIMATED! Wanna them slide in like a partycrasher? Or jump to the front like a pulsing bomb, flying up like Superman? All of them are POSSIBLE with Galax.

100% Customizable

With the powerful tools above, every factor and aspect of the theme can be customized. You can edit, replace, adjust, tweak, even add in many useful part into your pages. Personalize it to fit you the most and unleash all of your work’s potential. And, it’s super easy to do so without coding a line. Galax has it all for you!

Exceptional Flexible

Galax gives you OVER 100 elements to build + MORE than 500 theme options and settings + 600+ fonts and 1200+ icons! You will have countless combinations, unlimited mixes, infinite designs and endless styles for your website. All of them are customizable, adjustable, fixed or even animated! Experience the best multi-purpose theme’s POWER!

Sidebars, sidebars everywhere

What makes Galax even greater, is the possibility of sidebars. As you all know sidebar is the place to put on many useful and related stuffs that run along with user’s scroll as they reading your side. Sound good right? You can use the sidebar to promote any part of your site, especially boosted aspect or top-priority products!

You can even add many widgets on it, make the sidebar auto generate the items or publishing smart contents, increasing your site’s flexibility and awesomeness.

Fascinating Mega-Menu

Drop the old-fashioned columm-listing style menu. Don’t hesitate to move on to the next generation: Mega Menu. While the old style only gives you the lists of menu in columns, Mega Menu gives you item previews, images, pictures, menu background, colorize, and many customizable aspect!

While we say “100% customizable”, we mean it, literally mean it

Fabulous Header styles

Header is one of the most important factor for a website. With Galax, you will have uncounted header style to design. With 15+ premade header ones, you can even create more, make more! Find the one suits best for you and make it shine!

Sell fast, sell nice with WooCommerce

Galax is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce. Sell your goods in the most stylish and fastest way via the best payment system on WordPress. WooCommerce is the most famous plugin for selling items on WordPress. Not only provides fast, easy and convenient services, but also have many many customization for it. There are a lot of plugins for WooCommerce to enable unique and useful feature within, making the site more powerful and perfect.

For example, you can and ANY payment method to WooCommerce using corresponding plugins, even your local gateways, or enable Product bundle feature for it to promote your sales!

“All post type are belong to you”

Make your site productive and plentiful of surprise with Galax’s countless post types like: video, sound, gallery, and more… Choose the best type to match your post’s topic and emphasis what matters. You can even embeded Youtube, Vimeo videos, or SoundCloud music and playlist, and beautiful picture gallery to serve your purposes. Your site will go viral faster than ever.

Custom CSS for everyone

This is considered as the most POWERFUL tool to control your theme! Do whatever you want with it, there is no limit with Galax’s ultimate Custom CSS. It can remove unwanted elements, add new features, adjust factors, tweak and improve many aspect, or simply add in new Currency into your site. With Custom CSS, nothing is impossible!

Magical Visual Page Builder

We use WP Bakery Page Builder, formerly was Visual Composer, I guess you all once heard about this powerful page builder. It gives very friendly and easy recognized interface, helping users create their content effortlessly.

With WP Bakery, you can easily add new element, adjust the columns, rows, edit contents, drag-and-drop aspect, animate them, emphasis them, mixing elements to create new blasted designs,...

Hold on a sec, it’s not over. The Page Builder also was empowered with many additional elements from ThimPress, breaking any limit and setting you free. All of those added elements are NEVER-REVEALED-BEFORE and EXCLUSIVE for Galax. Explore what they are now!

Extreme 100+ Page elements Library

Never get tired being creative and creating contents with Galax. With over 100 elements, feel free to mix them up for your niche and make them as nice as possible. Get out of the box and stay wild with your site, don’t limit yourself with anything else, Galax is what you need to fly.


Let’s imagine your site charmed with tempting sliders plus interactive text and moving button. Look professional yes? Galax covers that, giving you Revolution Slider – the BEST slider plugin for WordPress available.

With Rev Slider, you will have every tool in hand to create magnificent and stunning slider, ready to amaze your visitors.

RTL layouts, Assemble!

With RTL layout supported, Galax fits at everywhere, fits for everyone in the world. You won’t have to worry about RTL languages or compatibility, Galax has already had it. Not only that, the theme support the latest translating such as Loco Translation or WPML. These will help you translate your site easily within moments with ease and completely localization the site for your town!

The best Multi-Purpose Word-Class theme – Galax:

  • 15+ demos
  • 200+ premade pages
  • 20+ post and page layouts
  • 500+ theme options and settings
  • 1-click demo auto installer
  • Very many post types
  • Unlimited colors
  • 600+ fonts
  • 1200+ icons
  • Fast, powerful performance
  • Advanced SEO and ultra speed
  • Child theme supported
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina display beautifully compatible
  • 100% customizable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Awesome effects and parallax
  • Powerful Mega-Menu
  • Unlimited sidebar
  • Empowered WP Bakery Page Builder aka Visual Composer
  • 100+ page element to use within Page Builder
  • 15+ header styles
  • Beautiful convenient Revolution Slider
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Custom CSS compatible
  • RTL layout and designs
  • Translation ready with many translating plugins
  • 5-star Customer Support Service

Galax – People’s loving it!


Galax 1.0.4 – 2021-Aug-18

Fixed: Search in header not working
Fixed: some minor bugs 

Galax 1.0.3 – 2020-Sep-16

Updated with WordPress 5.5.1
Fixed: some minor bugs 
Speed optimization

Galax 1.0.2 – 2020-08-21

Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce 4.4.
Updated with WordPress 5.5

Galax 1.0.1 – 2020-08-11

Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.
   Fixed: some minor bugs
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