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Lorada is a fully responsive Premium WordPress WooCommerce Theme with a great design and extensive functionalities. And Lorada theme has all the tools needed to create super fast responsive websites with powerful page builder.

Main Features

  • WooCommerce Ready – WooCommerce integration allows you to build your online shops.
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel – Lorada theme allows users to customize the theme in easy and simple way using theme options and customizer. With this powerful Theme Options panel you can customize theme layout and appearance to your needs.
  • One Click Demo Install – You can import demo site and theme options with just button click.
  • 100% Responsive Design – Lorada is 100% responsive and works on all devices including mobile.
  • Retina Ready – Lorada provides clear and beautiful layouts on all retina displays and other high resolution screens.
  • Powerful Page Builder – Lorada is fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder plugin and provides more elements. You can build your pages in a short time without coding.
  • Ajax Pagination and Load more – You can set wonderful pagination style for product collection.
  • Mobile Bottom Toolbar – Customers can set toolbar menu items on lorada theme option panel.
  • Wide/Boxed Layout – Choose between boxed and wide layout.
  • Page Layout Generator – Lorada theme especially provides page layout generator which is able to select site layout, header layout, footer layout, etc. Since this option is available you are able to create totally different layouts for different pages.You are not limited to only one layout for all pages.
  • Mega menu – Lorada supports simple and clean custom mega menu.
  • Built-in Custom Widgets – Lorada supports custom widgets like blog, footer, woo category, woo product.
  • Multi-Vendor compatibility – Lorada is compatible with “Dokan”, “WCFM Marketplace”, “WC Marketplace”, “WC Vendors”, “YITH Multi Vendor” plugins.
  • Built-in SEO compatibility – Lorada is compatibile with most popular SEO plugins like Yoast, etc.
  • Unlimited Contact Form – Lorada uses Contact Form 7 plugin to build contact forms. Using this plugin allows you to create unlimited contact forms for any purpose.
  • Comming Soon Mode – Lorada provides option to set Comming Soon mode in Theme Options panel easily.
  • Custom CSS and JS Possibility – Lorada support powerful custom css and javascript possibility. You can add custom css and js around the website or for only one page.
  • Save Prices – Lorada provides Slider Revolution plugin (cost $29).
  • Works perfectly with all browsers – Lorada works perfectly with all browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 10+.
  • Page Performance – Lorada provides enhanced page performance. Please check Google Page Speed Insight and GTMetrix, etc.


Version 4.1.2 ( September 28, 2021 )

- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin v4.1.2
- Updated: Revolution Slider v6.5.8
- Fixed: Header & Footer Builder Condition Logic
- Fixed: Product Variant Image Switcher on Quick View Popup
- Fixed: Duplicated Elementor Content Template Issue

Version 4.1.1 (August 24, 2021 )

- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin v4.1.1
- Updated: Revolution Slider v6.5.7
- Fixed: Product Navigation Image issue on Single Product Page
- Fixed: Lorada Ajax Attribute Filter Widget Admin Issue

Version (August 6, 2021 )

- Updated: Revolution Slider v6.5.5

Version 4.1.0 ( June 11, 2021 )

- Added: Page Speed Optimization
- Added: Image, Background, Video Lazyload
- Updated: JS Optimized & Divided according Page Loading
- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin v4.1.0
- Fixed: Product Tab Content Condition Issue

Version 4.0.0 ( May 28, 2021 )

- Added: New Yoga Demo
- Added: Brick Pattern Single Product Layout
- Added: "Customer Album" Elementor Widget
- Added: "Banner Accordion" Elementor Widget
- Added: New "Lookbook" Elementor Widget
- Added: Left/Right Side Spacing in Full Width Layout
- Updated: "Product Categories" Elementor Widget
- Updated: Compatible with Woocommerce v5.3.0
- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin v4.0.0
- Updated: Revolution Slider v6.4.11
- Updated: Language Pot file
- Updated: Dummy Data Package
- Fixed: Sticky Logo Issue
- Fixed: Product Accordion Content Issue on Sticky Mode
- Fixed: "Product Ajax Tabs" Elementor Widget Issue

Version 3.5.0 ( April 27, 2021 )

- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin 3.2.0
- Updated: Product Variation Layout on Cart, Checkout page and Mini-Cart Box
- Fixed: Elementor Widgets Deprecated Controller Issue
- Fixed: Checkout Credit Card Form Style Issue

Version 3.4.0 ( April 16, 2021 )

- Updated: Revolution Slider Version 6.4.8
- Updated: Topbar Multi-language Dropdown
- Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 5.2.1
- Fixed: Left Menu Header Style Issue

Version 3.3.0 ( March 26, 2021 )

- Added: Mobile Column Setting on Theme Option Panel
- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin v3.1.1
- Updated: Revolution Slider Version 6.4.6
- Updated: Show Blog Date Format According to the WP Date Format Setting
- Fixed: Mobile Toolbar Button Action
- Fixed: Account Dropdown Form Visibility Issue
- Fixed: HF Builder Display Condition Error

Version 3.2.0 ( March 5, 2021 )

- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin v3.1.0
- Updated: Revolution Slider Version 6.4.2
- Updated: "Video" Elementor Widget to be compatible with the Elementor 3.1.3
- Updated: Compatible with CMB2 Version 2.9.0

Version ( February 10, 2021 )

- Fixed: Demo Import issue on Updated CMB2 plugin

Version 3.1.0 ( February 9, 2021 )

- Added: Admin Review Notification
- Updated: footer.php file to be compatible with elementor pro version
- Updated: Enable rendering shortcode on product excerpt
- Updated: Revolution Slider Version 6.3.9
- Fxied: WooCommerce Account Order Table Responsive Issue
- Fixed: WooCommerce Minicart Dropdown Issue

Version 3.0.0 ( January 26, 2021 )

- Added: Drag & Drop Header/Footer Builder
- Added: 11 Header/Footer Builder Elementor Widgets
- Added: Include lorada icon package on Elementor Icon pack
- Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.9.0
- Updated: Revolution Slider Version 6.3.6
- Updated: Lorada Core Plugin v3.0.0
- Updated: lorada.pot and lorada-core.pot files
- Fixed: Tag Title SEO issue
- Fixed: WooCommerce Notification Bar Issue on Left Side Header

Version ( December 24, 2020 )

- Updated: jQuery Pjax Updated to be compatible with jQuery 3.x on WordPress 5.6
- Fixed: WooCommerce Ajax Loading Issue on jQuery 3.x

Version ( December 15, 2020 )

- Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.6

Version 2.2.0 ( December 7, 2020 )

- Updated: Mobile Toolbar Category Menu to Expand/Shrink Parent Categories
- Updated: Fixed Mini-Cart Sidebar Buttons on the Bottom
- Updated: Revolution Slider Version 6.3.2
- Updated: lorada.pot file
- Fixed: SKU Ajax Search Issue
- Fixed: Product Category Dropdown Issue after Ajax
- Fixed: Checkout Page Infobox Issue
- Fixed: Dropdown Minicart Overlap on Quick Shop
- Fixed: "Size Guide" Save Action Issue
- Fixed: Compare Table Style Issue

Version 2.1.0 ( November 16, 2020 )

- Added: Product Quick View Enable/Disable Option
- Added: Slider View in "Product Ajax Tabs" Widget
- Updated: Additional Menu Items on the Bottom of Mobile Nav
- Updated: Change WooCommerce Image Crop Size to optimize
- Fxied: Cookie Law Popup Mobile Style
- Fixed: Position Issue of the Footer, Sticky Add to Cart, Back to Top Part
- Fixed: "Banner" Elementor Widget HyperLink Issue
- Fixed: "WooCommerce Lookbook" Widget Issue
- Fixed: Fixed Double Ajax Add to Cart Event

Version 2.0.0 ( October 20, 2020 )

 - Added: New Single Product Layout
 - Added: Top Side Filter Widget on Shop Page
 - Added: "Image Masonry Grid" Elementor Widget
 - Added: "Video" Elementor Widget
 - Added: "Product Group Offer" Elementor Widget
 - Added: "Split Banner" Elementor Widget
 - Added: Variable Product Sale CountDown Timer
 - Updated: SCSSPHP Compiler Library Feature
 - Updated: "Product Categories" Elementor Widget to add new options
 - Updated: "Banner" Elementor Widget
 - Updated: My Account Page Layout
 - Updated: Lorada Core Plugin by 2.0.0
 - Updated: Revolution Slider Version 6.2.23
 - Updated: Language Pot file
 - Fixed: Missing Translate Words Issue
 - Fixed: Sticky Add to Cart JS Issue
 - Fixed: Comment Form Style Issue
 - Fixed: Post Tag Archives Page Issue
 - Fixed: Multi-Language Dropdown Menu Style Issue

Version 1.3.0 ( September 10, 2020 )

 - Added: Medical Demo for Multi-Vendor
 - Added: Image Grid Slider Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Lorada Core Plugin by 1.2.0
 - Updated: Special Product Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Product Widget View Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Top Rated Product Widget View Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Product Ajax Tabs Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Testimonials Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Brand Carousel Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Latest Posts Elementor Widget
 - Updated: Product Categories Widget
 - Fixed: Dokan Vendor Terms & Condition Page Issue
 - Fixed: Dokan Seller Contact Form Issue

Version ( September 2, 2020 )

 - Fixed: Mobile Bottom Toolbar Touch Area Issue

Version 1.2.2 ( September 2, 2020 )

 - Updated: Lorada Core Plugin by 1.1.3
 - Updated: Language Pot File
 - Added: My Account Dropdown Menu on Header Layout
 - Added: Product Sub Categories Toggle Dropdown on Sidebar Widgets
 - Added: Show/Hide option for the Sticky Headder on Page Scroll Down
 - Fixed: Theme NiceSelect JS Issue
 - Fixed: Product Image Touch Scroll Down Issue on Mobile Device
 - Fixed: Mobile Bottom Toolbar Issue on Mobile Device
 - Fixed: Moment Timezone JS Issue

Version 1.2.1 ( August 25, 2020 )

 - Added: Sticky Header Show/Hide when Scroll Up/Down
 - Updated: Header Account Menu is changed after customers login
 - Fixed: Checkbox Issue on login/register page
 - Fixed: Mobile Dropdown Nav Issue

Version 1.2.0 ( August 20, 2020 )

 - Added: Mobile Bottom Toolbar
 - Updated: "Product Ajax Tabs" Elementor Widget to add style options
 - Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce Latest Version
 - Updated: Lorada Core Plugin by 1.1.2
 - Fixed: SubMenu Style Issue
 - Fixed: Cart, Checkout, Wishlist Page Style Issue on Mobile Devices

Version 1.1.2 ( August 17, 2020 )

 - Added: Package Size Compression
 - Updated: Revolution Slider by the latest version
 - Updated: Lorada Core Plugin by 1.1.1
 - Fixed: Dark Mode Style Issue
 - Fixed: Demo Import Issue

Version 1.1.1 ( August 10, 2020 )

 - Added: Compatible with Multi-Vendor
 - Updated: lorada.pot file
 - Fixed: Variable Product JS Issue

Version 1.0.1 ( August 4, 2020 )

 - Updated: Lorada Core Plugin by 1.1.0
 - Fixed: Demo Import Issue
 - Fixed: Elementor Widget Issue for Product Categories

Version 1.0 ( July 29, 2020 )

- Initial Release
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