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Save 50% and get video functionality as a gift!
If you purchase the plugin at a discount of 50% now, you will receive the functionality of a virtual tour video as a gift at the end of the promotion “Envato’s Cyber Monday” .
We are working on this functionality and it will be available soon.

We are constantly improving our plugin and would be glad to get your feedbacks. Please, write in your comments, what would you suggest to add to the plugin.
The most desired functionalities will be chosen and implemented in the next versions.
You can read about the capabilities of the current version bellow.

Please do not forget to try our plugin using the links below.

360o Photo Viewer – it’s very good viewer of panoramic images for Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder.
With the help of this plugin you can easy create a virtual tour for any locations. Also, you can mark products on the panoramic image thanks to Woocommerce support. it is possible to create markers with templates and display information from a post or a product. There are unlimited number of markers and for all of them there is an opportunity to set the action when you click.
Also, Its special feature is setting up panoramic image on section background which is an excellent replacement of video background.

Create in a few seconds nice blocks with panoramic images to present your rooms, buildings, etc.

Current version features:

  • Multiply panorama photos – unlimited amount of the panoramas on the page.
  • Overlay and background. – Place your panoramic image as a background of the section and get amazing banner with own content
  • Virtual tour – you can show an unlimited number of locations and add as many markers as want to them.
  • Gallery – you can use the virtual tour scenes as a gallery.
  • Support woocommerce – you can mark products on the panoramic image.
  • Markers – mark the people, buildings, landmarks and so on on the photo and add some information about them. HTML and shortcodes are allowed.
  • Supports cropped panorama
  • Responsive – thanks to Elementor page builder and Fullheight parameter your panoramic image will be working great on all the resolutions.
  • AutoRotate on Start – automatically starts the animation of the rotation.
  • Blend mode – combine the colors of image or overlay color with panoramic image. In this case this allows to create styled panoramic images without editor.
  • Controls, Animations speed, mousewheel etc – and more

You can check functionality of the plugin here (no credentials required)

Please notice!
We are in the process of a new version development. New features, which will be available, you can see on our demo in the section “Coming soon”. Also, we would like to get your recommendation regarding these functions realization. Please, write your suggestions in your comments.
Best regards, Elanta!

Wait for the following versions:

  • Video 360
  • Support Gutenberg
  • New animations
  • New templates

New version 1.4.5

- add new Optimization features
- fix minor bugs

New version 1.4.0

- add new WooComerce template
- add new option "Get the height of another element" 
- add an external url
- fix the conflict the stereo mode and the gallery.
- fix minor bugs

New version 1.3.2

- add support CDN
- add support the dynamic fields of the elementor 
- add support Elementor Popups
- fix minor bugs

New version 1.3.1

- add gallery for virtual tour 
- add support VR 
- add default coordinates
- fix minor bugs

New version 1.2.1

- fix minor bugs for WPBakery

New version 1.2.0

- add virtual tour
- add support woocommerce 
- add new marker templates (including custom template) 
- add new tooltips 
- add Zoom option 
- add other options 
- fix minor bugs

New version 1.1.1

- fixed the error when WPBakery does not exist

New version 1.1.0

- added support WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)
- added possibility croped a panoramic image
- fixed conflict with Elementor Pro

360o Photo Viewer is based on the JavaScript library [Photo Sphere Viewer] Thanks to: Jeremy Heleine and mistic100

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