WPML Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 1.8.2

This ‘glue’ plugin makes it easier to translate with WPML content provided in fields created with Advanced Custom Fields.


  • Changed suggested translation preference for Repeater and Flexible fields to Copy Once to avoid issues with disappearing or emptied subfields.


  • Fixed an issue with field values missing in the front-end when the field group is set as Translatable and consists of multiple fields, including media fields.
  • Fixed an issue with translation preferences being ignored for strings in blocks when the post is being updated.



  • Better recognition of active ACF plugin and of ACF loaded as the theme and other plugins library.
  • Translated posts are no longer marked as needing an update when the author only shuffled repeater subfields.
  • Translation preferences are applied to the fields in ACF Gutenberg Blocks.


  • Fixed overwriting ACF block translation when post ID is not set.
  • Fixed fatal error with ACF Custom Database Tables extension.
  • Fixed issue with field translation preferences not synchronizing when set to Don't translate.
  • Fixed issue with redirecting to Advanced Translation Editor when debugging is enabled.
  • Support for Translation Preferences for strings inside repeater fields when used in ACF Blocks.
  • Added migration for ACF Gutenberg Blocks strings settings between 1.7 and 1.8 version.
  • Better handling for string types in ACF Blocks when displaying UI for translation in Translation Editor.
  • ACF block strings can be registered now based on $_GET['trid'] value.
  • Fixed PHP notices when downloading XLIFF translation job file.
  • Values in link field type are converted to point to translated pages and posts.
  • Fixed issue with field labels not displaying on the front-end when field groups are set as a Translatable post type.



  • Reverted undue fixes from 1.7.4.



  • Compatibilty with WordPress 5.6.


  • Fixed an issue with overwriting translation preferences for repeater fields when preferences were set on the post edit screen.


  • Removed field hints when field is displayed somewhere other than the Field Group editing screen.
  • Checkbox to synchronize repeater subfields is now only displayed when a post has a repeater field.
  • Translation preferences for flexible and repeater fields are visible again.
  • Repeater synchronization checkbox state is saved and remains in that state after the next page load.


  • Fixed an issue where empty values are not changed into null for the Group field type.



  • Repeater and flexible fields translation preferences are always set to Copy to ensure correct field handling during the translation.
  • Synchronization for reordered fields runs explicitly on editors' demand after selecting the checkbox to do so.
  • Added support for compound field types used in ACF Gutenberg Blocks.


  • Fixed an issue with non-updated IDs in object fields during the translation with Translation Editors.
  • Fixed a PHP notice when updating ACF options page fields without translation preferences set.
  • Updated subfields' translation preferences to respect the repeater field on ACF options pages.
  • Fixed the PHP notice when trying to edit the ACF Options page and translation preferences are not set.
  • Stopped displaying original fields value hint for repeater fields.
  • Fixed an issue with an uncopied field's values when fields are set to Copy Once.


  • ACF Options Pages: updated relationship fields to store the relation to the object in the correct language.


  • Fixed an issue where copying a value between ACF fields in one post changed the values in the translated post into a JSON-like string.



  • You can now copy custom field values associated with media.
  • Hardened the data checking for synchronizing custom fields translation preferences, which prevents from running the check when the field object doesn't have a correct field ID.
  • Added support for translation preferences for fields associated with taxonomy terms.
  • Added the ability to translate and display more than one ACF block.
  • Added support for field translation preferences on the ACF Options Pages.


  • Improved the logic that checks whether to display a warning about not saved field translation preferences.
  • Fixed a fatal error when WPML is not active.
  • Fixed relationship fields not copying to translation when there are more than one related items.



  • Code for field type resolving has been simplified which results in performance improvement.
  • ACFML now automatically sets ACF system fields to "copy", preventing fields from not displaying on the front-end.


  • Repeater fields translated with Translation Editor are now correctly displayed on the front-end.
  • Flexible fields with spaces in names are now correctly duplicated to other languages.
  • Displaying duplicated fields in the Classic Translation Editor is not happening anymore.
  • Fixed the issue with Numeric values not being translatable with the Translation Editor.
  • Gallery fields inside repeater fields are now correctly copied during post duplication.
  • Translated field labels are now correctly displayed on the front-end.
  • Translated oEmbed field is now correctly displayed on the front-end.


  • Ability to choose different media inside the flexible field.
  • When translating Field Groups as post types, native WordPress editor is set as default.


  • Plugin covered with unit tests.
  • Fixed PHP warnings that were logged when attachments and gallery fields are in use.
  • Restored compatibility with WordPress multisite installations.


  • Added support for ACF Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Reverted the ACF Options Pages handling to the old workflow (with switching language switcher on the Options page).


  • Fixed an issue with serialized galleries not being displayed.
  • Fixed a fatal error call to undefined function acf_maybe_get_POST().
  • Fixed issues with umlauts saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed relationship fields not copying to translation when there are more than one related items.
  • Changed the last parameter of the WPML_ACF_Field_Settings::field_value_updated() function to be optional.
  • Added the GNU GPL license file.
  • Fixed the translating ACF Options page (it can now be done using WPML String Translation).
  • Fixed a fatal error that occurred when saving the page/product.


  • You can set field translation preferences directly on the Field Group edit screen.
  • Possibility to hide ACFML field annotations by setting constant ACFML_HIDE_FIELD_ANNOTATIONS to boolean true.


  • Better checking if ACF is active on Windows.
  • Fixed translation of ACF Options Page.
  • Fixed fatal error in field adnotations.


  • Fixed warning about foreach loop.


  • Fixed checking if ACF is active.


  • Fixed fatal error when ACF plugin disabled.


  • Fixed missing repeater field on translated posts with "display when post is...' display rule.
  • Fixed not displayed custom fields on post edit screen when Location rules wasn't correctly resolved.
  • Added field hints for ACF Pro.
  • Human readable ACF field names in Multilingual Content Setup metbox.
  • Removed PHP notices from Add Field Group screen.
  • Automatically set field preferences for subfields - support for flexible field.
  • Display WYSIWYG fields in Translation Editor - support for ACF Pro.


  • field group display rules are correctly applied for translated posts now
  • automatically set translation preferences for repeater subfields based on repeater main field
  • display original field value during the creation of translated post
  • field set to copy-once is correctly synchronised between languages
  • fixed display of custom post types and taxonomies in relationship select boxes when posts and/or taxonomies are set to "display as translated"
  • taxonomy fields inside repeater field are correctly copied now during post duplication
  • ACF attachments fields (images, galleries, files...) has translated metadata on secondary language pages



  • Fields are now sycnhronised also during standard post creation when has "Copy" set.


  • Introduced support for clone fields
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