AffiliateWP Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms 1.1.1

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Create the affiliate registration form you need using the power of Gravity Forms

Version 1.1.1, May 21, 2021

  • Fixed: Avoid a fatal when the User Registration add-on is installed

Version 1.1, May 20, 2021

  • New: Full compatibility with the new block-like form editor in Gravity Forms 2.5+
  • Improved: Update how we register custom field types to fall better inline with best practices
  • Improved: Now requires Gravity Forms 2.0 minimum
  • Improved: Now requires AffiliateWP 2.6 minimum
  • Improved: Now requires PHP 5.6 minimum
  • Improved: Now requires WordPress 5.0 minimum
  • For more information on minimum supported versions, see our Minimum Requirements Roadmap

Version 1.0.22, January 23, 2021

  • Fixed: Accessibility: Label for attribute does not match input id
  • Fixed: Avoid a fatal error when user registration fails

Version 1.0.21, May 21, 2020

  • Fixed: Affiliate Application Accepted email includes reset password link when user is already logged in
  • Fixed: Cast the form ID as an integer when doing a string comparison for adding an affiliate
  • Fixed: Avoid a notice from an undefined form when upgrading

Version 1.0.20, January 8, 2020

  • Fix: Password reset link not emailed to affiliate if password field missing from form
  • Fix: Affiliates can't log in after setting password

Version 1.0.19, August 29, 2019

  • Fix: Limit capturing affiliate username and email lead data to the registration form only

Version 1.0.18, July 10, 2019

  • Fix: When registering as an affiliate, the logged-in user's username and email are now stored correctly in the Gravity Form entry.

Version 1.0.17, October 16, 2018

  • Fix: Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms registration form setting is deleted if another Gravity Form is saved.
  • Tweak: Updated Polish language file.

Version 1.0.16, March 28, 2018

  • Fix: "Use as affiliate registration form" could not be unchecked in some cases
  • New: A link to set a password is now included in the affiliate's approval email (if no password is set during affiliate registration).
  • Tweak: The email previously sent to an affiliate with a plain text password has been removed in favor of the above change.
  • Tweak: The username and email fields are shown as disabled for logged in users.

Version 1.0.15, April 16, 2017

  • Fix: Email notifications do not send when OptimizeMember is activated
  • Fix: Undefined constant during plugin activation

Version 1.0.14, March 16, 2017

  • Fix: PHP error Cannot use $this as parameter

Version 1.0.13, February 17, 2017

  • Fix: Registration form cannot be set if the form it was set to is deleted.
  • Tweak: Gravity Form integration in the Integrations tab is no longer required to be turned on.

Version 1.0.12, 24th January 2017

  • New: Support for the new "Affiliate Area Forms" setting in Affiliate v2.0, allowing you to select which forms are shown on the Affiliate Area page
  • Tweak: Improved inline docs
  • Fix: Prevented GF-related queries running on unrelated admin pages

Version 1.0.11, 21st November 2016

  • Fix: frontend.js file not loading correctly since AffiliateWP v1.9.5

Version 1.0.10, 28th October 2016

  • Tweak: Store the registration form ID in AffiliateWP settings to improve performance

Version, 1st August 2016

  • Fix: Extra emails were being sent when the "Auto Register New Users" option was enabled

Version, 16th June 2016

  • Fix: Fatal error that could occur when AffiliateWP was deactivated

Version 1.0.9, January 9, 2016

  • Fix: Fatal error that could occur when the add-on is installed but no registration form is set, and the default affiliate registration form is submitted
  • Fix: Removed submission row on the edit affiliate screen for manually added affiliates
  • Tweak: AffiliateWP related form elements and options will only be shown if the Gravity Forms integration is enabled
  • Tweak: When an affiliate registration form has been set, a message + link to that form will be shown on all other forms

Version 1.0.8, December 18, 2015

  • New: affiliatewp_afgf_insert_user filter for modifying wp_insert_user args
  • Fix: Field data was not showing on the affiliate review screen due to a caching issue on some hosts

Version 1.0.7, August 25, 2015

  • Fix: Prevented the affiliate registration form from appearing outside of the shortcodes it was embedded in.
  • Fix: Form validation when a confirm email address field is present

Version 1.0.6, August 20, 2015

  • Fix: bug with activation that could cause a fatal error in some instances

Version 1.0.5, 24 June 2015

Note, due to a bug in the licensing you'll need to download the add-on from your account page and manually upgrade. Please contact support if you are unsure on how to do this.

  • Fix: Last name field was not correctly populating the user's profile
  • Fix: Add-on updates were not working.

Version 1.0.4, 22 June 2015

  • Fix: Prevent login details email from being sent to the affiliate if they already have a WP user account
  • Fix: Incorrect text domains in some strings

Version 1.0.3, 18th June 2015

  • Fix: Registration form could not be submitted by logged in user due to validation errors
  • Fix: Undefined index PHP Notice when submitting the form without entering a first name
  • Fix: When Gravity Forms was not active, the activation notice's URL to Gravity Forms` site did not work

Version 1.0.2

  • Fix: If the affiliate registration form had no password field, the password sent to the affiliate via email contained an erroneous exclamation mark which caused issues when logging in

Version 1.0.1

  • Fix: If the affiliate registration form did not include an email field, it displayed an error message on all other forms

Version 1.0

  • Initial release
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