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Provides an optimized experience for affiliates via a custom dashboard user interface.

Version 1.0.9, September 23, 2021

  • New: Add distinct per page settings for Creatives and most other screens with tables
  • Improved: Coupons table should support pagination
  • Fixed: Some text strings are not translatable
  • Fixed: Store Credit view does not always honor AffiliateWP settings
  • Fixed: Pages added as Menu Links are sometimes viewable by non-affiliates
  • Fixed: Activating a license key crashes on new installs
  • Fixed: Some portal views trigger a fatal error in PHP 8+

Version 1.0.8, July 20, 2021

  • New: Introduce a feature for managing custom menu links similar to Affiliate Area Tabs
  • Dev: Bootstrap the add-on on affwp_plugins_loaded for AffiliateWP 2.7+

Version 1.0.7, July 7, 2021

  • Fixed: Table data doesn't populate in certain circumstances [1,2]
  • Fixed: Raw HTML is displayed for Creative descriptions in the preview modal [3,4]

Version 1.0.6, June 23, 2021

  • Fixed: Avoid a fatal on activation in PHP 5.6 by accessing Portal::get_page_url() directly instead of via a class property

Version 1.0.5, June 1, 2021

  • New: Allow generating external referral URLs
  • Improved: On Direct Link Tracking integration, when only 1 domain is allowed, the domain number doesn't need to show up
  • Improved: Improve the display of Direct Link Tracking view on the initial loading
  • Fixed: On Direct Linkt Tracking integration, when only 1 domain is allowed, the remove link button shouldn't be visible

Version 1.0.4, May 27, 2021

  • New: Introduce an image control component
  • Improved: Adjust the Referrals table to accommodate displaying many products within the current viewport
  • Fixed: Months duplicated on the x-axis of quarterly and annual views of graphs
  • Fixed: Some controls show an extra gap at the bottom of the panel
  • Fixed: When a creative is being copied, the duplicate icon should not be visible

Version 1.0.3, May 18, 2021

  • Fixed: Pages aren't loading in portal with custom permalink structure containing /index.php
  • Fixed: Lifetime Customers page sometimes shows blank table cells if customer first/last name are not set
  • Fixed: User profile image is missing because of a conflict with a3 Lazy Load
  • Fixed: Portal is sometimes unstyled after affiliate registration
  • Fixed: Login/register page is sometimes unstyled if not logged-in and the theme relies on the template_include filter

Version 1.0.2, April 27, 2021

  • Fixed: Externally-linked Creatives images don't display
  • Fixed: Facebook and Twitter icons no longer display in the Affiliate URLs screen

Version 1.0.1, April 22, 2021

  • Fixed: Portal links 404 when Affiliate Area page is a child of another page
  • Fixed: Third-party image lazyloaders are sometimes preventing Creatives from displaying in the portal
  • Fixed: Force a trailing slash after the Affiliate Area base URL when building nav menu links
  • Fixed: Restore the icon for the Copy buttons in the Creatives grid view
  • Fixed: Icon controls fail silently when passed an invalid icon slug

Version 1.0.0, April 19, 2021

  • First release!
  • Note for beta testers: After upgrading to v1.0 you'll need turn on the Enable the Affiliate Portal setting from AffiliatesSettingsAffiliate Portal.

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