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Calendarista is software designed to provide a faster and more efficient online booking experience to your customers.

Front-end demo:

For support, please contact us directly through Envato. It is email based and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Video tutorials

  1. Intro1 – schedule a meeting room

Stay tuned, more video tutorials releasing…

Our goal is to make it super-fast and easy for businesses to add their services and begin taking bookings online. If you are someone wanting a complete hotel reservation system, car rental, apartment rental, travel agency, beauty salons, restaurants and so forth, you will be able to enable your website for online bookings quickly and easily.

The plugin offers 12 booking modes out of the box, 2 payment gateways and if that is not enough, it also supports Woocommerce, a custom form builder, flexible optional extras, google maps to setup departure and destination and calculate route distance and cost, a backend calendar to view your appointments, just to name a few of the features.

It’s time to fall back in love with booking!

More information is available on our dedicated website:


No add-ons required. All features listed below are natively supported

  • Customers can book by selecting a single start date.
  • Customers can book by selecting both a start date and start time (multiple slot selection supported).
  • Customers can book by selecting both a start date and start time with padding.
  • Customers can book by selecting a start date and time range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date and time range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date range with changeover days (check-in/check-out).
  • Customers can book a round trip by selecting pickup and drop dates.
  • Customers can book a round trip by selecting pickup an drop dates with time.
  • Customers can book by selecting a package – A package consists of one or more dates.
  • Customers can book multiple dates in any order – Non sequential.
  • Customers can book multiple dates and time in any order – Non sequential.
  • Setup available time slots as deals (check our Golf – Tee time demo).
  • Add a service or list multiple services in the front-end via short-code.
  • Add to Google Calendar, iCAL and Outlook buttons for your custom.
  • Webhooks for Zapier
  • iCAL live feeds to sync your appointments on Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook etc. (2 way sync).
  • Natively sync your appointments with Google Calendar (2 way sync).
  • Export to CSV.
  • Custom Fields – Allows you to collect any additional information from the customer during the booking.
  • Unlimited categorized Extras. Allow customers to include optional elements that are free or have a cost.
  • Translations – WPML and Polylang support. Translate in multiple languages.
  • Fully customizable email notifications sent to staff and your customers.
  • SMTP settings – Avoid email notifications ending up in the dreadful spam folder.
  • Customizable Email reminders sent to your customers for upcoming appointments.
  • Booking with and without payment supported – Customize at the service level.
  • Payments with WooCommerce.
  • Payments with Stripe and Paypal (supported out of the box, no third party required).
  • Collect payments offline.
  • Seasonal rates supported.
  • Multiple date formats.
  • AM/PM or 24h time format.
  • Tax
  • Departure or departure and destination input fields with google maps autocomplete support.
  • Predefined departure or departure and destination dropdown fields.
  • Waypoints(stops) between departure and destination.
  • Calculate cost by travel distance.
  • Display directions on a live google map within your site (no redirect).
  • Select departure and destination directly on google map using right click context menu.
  • Allow customers to cancel a booking with time limit.
  • GDPR ready – EU law compliant on data protection and privacy.
  • Add staff members – A staff member can manage appointments.
  • Holidays – Take time off.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Public Calendar with daily, weekly and monthly view.
  • Deposits – Pay reminder upon arrival on premises.
  • Create or Edit an appointment from the back-end.
  • View and manage appointments in the backend.
  • View and manage sales in the backend.
  • Style booking form by choosing a color that matches your website design.
  • Add Search form with search attributes via short-code – allow customers to find matching appointments.
  • Unlimited Guests – Allow customers to specify how many guests are coming.
  • Seats – Control your availability with seats.
  • Group booking – Allows your customers to select multiple seats.
  • Automatic updates – Insert your purchase code and receive automated updates for product life time.
  • View the Backend demo

== Changelog ==
= 14.7 =

  • Posted on 28/10/2021
  • Fixed: when using long date formats, the start_date/start_time/end_date/end_time email tokens returned wrong info.
  • Fixed: guest fields were missing when exporting appointments.
  • Fixed: woocommerce orders had an unusual key printed in the order: “_calendarista_seats:”, removed now.
= 14.6 =
  • Posted on 15/10/2021
  • Fixed: seats were not registered with woocommerce.
  • Fixed: in a WordPress multi-site enviornment, export function returned an empty csv file.
  • Fixed: email reminders that use built-in wordpress cron job was disabled, regression bug.
= 14.5 =
  • Posted on 13/10/2021
  • Fixed: more woocommerce improvements for appointments that were not registered with calendarista.
  • Added: ability to remove decimal point which some currencies such as the New Taiwan Dollar do not support.
= 14.4 =
  • Posted on 07/10/2021
  • Fixed: woocommerce on some systems, the appointments were not registered with Calendarista.
  • Fixed: end date calendar that uses multi date range / changeover modes, disables outside min-max days restriction.
= 14.3 =
  • Posted on 04/10/2021
  • Fixed: google calendar sync failure email messages are now correctly sent to the admin user and not the customer.
  • Fixed: now the end date cannot be selected before a start date is selected.
  • Fixed: min/max in seasons when used applied to all days even outside the season.
  • Fixed: when apply custom charge on multi date mode(non range), the cost was was wrong.
  • Fixed: when applying custom charge, the custom value is now indicated in the cost summary breakdown.
= 14.2 =
  • Posted on 14/09/2021
  • Fixed: regression bug, 100% coupons with payment operator (stripe) enabled did not work.
= 14.1 =
  • Posted on 10/09/2021
  • Added: when setting email reminders, you can now turn off WordPress cron job and instead setup your own Cron job for very accurate results.
  • Added: a service mode with time slots enabled can now allows setting turnover days in minutes.
  • Fixed: Multi date mode did not show the individual day cost in summary when using seasons.
  • Fixed: package mode with append booking period option enabled, the date format is respected.
  • Fixed: package mode with appending period option enabled, with single day in package now shows the single date without (from date – to date) as in the past.
  • Fixed: solved an edge case where instead of redirecting to woocommerce the booking came through payment offline.
= 14.0 =
  • Posted on 23/08/2021
  • Added: PHP 8 compatbility.
  • Added: support for Zapier.
  • Added: new option to calculate optional extras by guest (new option can be found in the guests page).
  • Added: new option to display custom form fields in woocommerce order.
  • Added: new cron job URL for woocommerce orders. useful for payment operators that did not call the payment complete hook.
  • Fixed: synching feeds did not sync multiple feeds on the same service/availability.
  • Fixed: woocommerce paypal orders were not registered if customer did not land on the thankyou page.
  • Fixed: sometimes google calendar will fail to sync. you will now receive notification of this so that you may take action.
= 13.18 =
  • Posted on 14/07/2021
  • Fixed: changeover service mode had issues with check-in/check-out when availability had more than 1 seat.
  • Fixed: time slot generate dialog wasn’t responsive.
  • Fixed: based on some rare conditions, woocommerce orders did not register the appointment with calendarista.
  • Added: new option in settings->general page to cancel the woocommerce order automatically when cancelling an appointment in the back-end.
  • Added: stripe payments will also register the customer with stripe, so that you may easily export to csv.
  • Improved: removed zip code field from stripe payment form.
= 13.17 =
  • Posted on 05/07/2021
  • Fixed: when updating an appointment in the back-end, if it was already paid, it resulted as unpaid.
= 13.16 =
  • Posted on 29/06/2021
  • Fixed: regression bug introduced in 13.15. issue with checkout if you have custom form fields of type checkbox list/multi select list.
= 13.15 =
  • Posted on 27/06/2021
  • Fixed: paid orders in woocommerce ocassionally did not get registered in Calendarista.
  • Fixed: some systems had issues with magic quotes.
  • Fixed: search result set is now responsive.
= 13.14 =
  • Posted on 23/06/2021
  • Fixed: modes that involved multiple dates allowed the range even though there were unavailable dates in between the range.
= 13.12 =
  • Posted on 21/06/2021
  • Fixed: using coupons and tax in woocommerce was not registered in calendarista.
  • Fixed: when multiple availables were enabled, optional extras were multiplied per availability but this was only reflected in the total.
  • Added: new option in the services page to enable optionals per service. by default optional cost was multipled by each selected availability.
  • Added: payment_operator token that can be used in email templates.
  • Added: payment operator label in appointment view back-end.
= 13.11 =
  • Posted on 14/06/2021
  • Added: New booking notification to admin now has the customer as the replyTo address.
  • Added: Sales total amount in the sales page.
  • Fixed: Sales page “Edit woocommerce order” button broken after applying sales filter.
  • Fixed: Cloning a service did not clone guests.
  • Fixed: Coupons had inconsistent behavior when a 100% coupon was applied (didn’t hide the payment operator).
  • Fixed: search filter results now has two columns. one for thumbnail and the other for item heading/description.
= 13.10 =
  • Posted on 30/05/2021
  • Fixed: added validation to email subject. useful when using tokens in the subject line which is prone to error.
  • Fixed: appointment date in cancellation message was repeated twice.
  • Fixed: search result was missing the error messages. regression bug from bootstrap 5.0 update.
  • Added: min/max days can now be set in the season settings.
  • Added: fixed cost setting for guests. previously the guest cost was added by number of days or slots selected only.
= 13.9 =
  • Posted on 23/05/2021
  • Fixed: wpml/polylang missed some strings (guests label, payment operator selection, seats left etc).
= 13.8 =
  • Posted on 18/05/2021
  • Fixed: a regression bug when multiply timeslots by optional cost is selected, the booking summary data was incorrect.
  • Fixed: editing a service or an availability when using screen reader technology was broken.
  • Fixed: woocommerce bacs payment status resulted paid by default, now corrected.
  • Improved: added calendar short-cut summary that can be heard when using screen reader technology.
  • Added: more strings for appointment cancellation to the services/text page for easy modification.
  • Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.1
= 13.6 =
  • Posted on 30/04/2021
  • Fixed: when using time based mode with guest having cost, got miscalculated.
= 13.5 =
  • Posted on 29/04/2021
  • Fixed: race condition when using Multi date and multi date and time mode. regression bug.
  • Added: Cancel appointment confirmation message can now be edited from the text page.
= 13.4 =
  • Posted on 20/04/2021
  • Added: new option for time slot based mode. You can now set minimum notice in minutes.
  • Fixed: ammended checkbox elements within the booking form that didn’t display correctly on linebreaks.
= 13.3 =
  • Posted on 19/04/2021
  • Added: new option for multi date range mode. difference between selected days can now be taken into account.
  • Added: package mode now has a new option which appends the booking period to the availability name.
  • Fixed: package mode when setting number of days in package, resulted in 1 day more than indicated.
= 13.2 =
  • Posted on 16/04/2021
  • Improved: search filter now orders results by service->availability, previously only by availability.
  • Fixed: min/max notice now does not take into account the current time.
  • Fixed: package booking that had ended did not disable the booking.
  • Fixed: package booking did not respect seats with enable-multiple-booking=”true”.
= 13.1 =
  • Posted on 13/04/2021
  • Fixed: when adding multiple bookings to woocommerce cart, after payment only the first booking was registered.
  • Added: new option in Settings -> General page to enable/disable booking changed notifications.
= 13.0 =
  • Posted on 12/04/2021
  • Fixed: when using stripe payment operator with discount coupons, the payment amount was wrong.
  • Fixed: when using stripe or paypal with coupons, the sales page registered full price.
= 12.10 =
  • Posted on 11/04/2021
  • Improved: woocommerce checkout stripe and bank payments now register the order on their respective complete hooks and do not depend on the thankyou page.
  • Fixed: woocommerce did not book the appointment if there were other product types in cart as part of the same transaction.
= 12.9 =
  • Posted on 06/04/2021
  • Added: a label for multi time selection listbox.
  • Fixed: the package mode would crash when adding a list of individual available days.
= 12.7 =
  • Posted on 02/04/2021
  • Fixed: regression bug from 12.0. issue with encoding quotes in custom form fields. caused bookings to fail if a quote character was entered.
= 12.6 =
  • Posted on 31/03/2021
  • Fixed: multi date range did not allow selecting multiple availables when this mode was enabled.
  • Fixed: some websites had an issue with encoding “ä, ü, ö” etc characters. now we force UFT-8.
  • Fixed: export appointments function did not include sales data as expected.
  • Updated: stripe lib has been updated to the latest build.
  • Added: 3 action hooks: ‘calendarista_after_confirm_payment_notification’ 1 parameter, ‘calendarista_after_send_notification’ 2 parameters, ‘calendarista_after_payment’ 2 parameters.
= 12.4 =
  • Posted on 26/03/2021
  • Added: new option in Settings->General page to disable adding a booking form on the associated woocommerce product page.
  • Fixed: multi date and time range and round trip with time did not allow selecting multiple availables when this mode was enabled.
  • Fixed: when running the backend pages, if the language was not in english, the appointments and sales pages were broken. 12.0 regression bug.
= 12.2 =
  • Posted on 23/03/2021
  • Fixed: optional extras with limited quantity went out of stock (too late) after an extra item was booked.
  • Fixed: after clicking the calendar clear button in the front-end calendar without an end date, the calendar cannot be popped up again. 12.0 regression bug.
  • Fixed: payment with paypal was broken. 12.0 regression bug.
  • Improved: changed approach to creating new orders in woocommerce to ensure only completed orders are log an appointment.
  • Improved: all clientside code now uses strict mode.
= 12.0 =
  • Posted on 22/03/2021
  • Fixed: under special circumstances, multi date range and changeover modes allowed selecting periods even if there were booked out dates between periods.
  • Fixed: user email was not showing for imported appointments from google calendar.
  • Fixed: clear button in calendar was not translatable.
  • Fixed: optional extra multiplied by seats even though the setting did not require this.
  • Fixed: importing appointments from google calendar failed if the appointment had a description greater than 256 characters.
  • Fixed: the availability_name token returned only the first availability when multiple availabilites were selected.
  • Fixed: unsuccessful payments in woocommerce still logged a booking and took up space.
  • Fixed: when enabling a separate confirmation page, text translations were not maintained.
  • Fixed: if html was included in translations for example in wpml or polylang, the html parts were returned encoded.
  • Fixed: multi date and time range/round trip and time range did not show availability correctly when only a single slot was left.
  • Fixed: when exporting appointments to csv, if certain conditions were met, some rows of data were broken.
  • Fixed: resubmitting woocommerce checkout page repeated the last action and doubled the cost with each refresh.
  • Fixed: multi date range modes with start and end date, loaded an empty calendar when clicking start date too soon.
  • Fixed: gcal and outlook add to calendar links posted in the email notifications did not work.
  • Added: new option to enable/disable booking confirmation notification.
  • Added: new option in general settings for woocommerce to automatically set an order status as completed.
  • Added: new option to switch off setting utf-8 encoding within the email subject.
  • Added: appointments synched to google calendar now have the invoiceId included in the appointment description.
= 11.6 =
  • Posted on 23/02/2021
  • Fixed: when using seasons that cover the same period, only the first season cost was applied.
= 11.5 =
  • Posted on 18/02/2021
  • Turnover days: turnover after did not work if the booking was not in the current month.
  • Feeds from airbnb changed, hence adapting to the changes, specifically with regards to line breaks.
= 11.3 =
  • Posted on 08/02/2021
  • Fixed: distance/cost calculation is much more accurate now. used to be off by a few fractions due to decimal places.
  • Fixed: google calendar did not sync multiple availabilities on the same calendar.
= 11.1 =
  • Posted on 23/01/2021
  • Fixed: multi date range and time mode did not calculate cost correctly across multiple days.
= 11.0 = * Posted on 10/01/2021 * This update was already available via auto updates since 06/01/2021. * Fixed: Setting a fixed cost by distance wasn’t calculated correctly. * Fixed: when using a round trip with distance calculation, cost did not include the return trip.

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