Coming Soon CountDown Responsive Wordpress Plugin 3.7.2

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Indeed Coming Soon ultimate Responsive for WordPress with 2 modern layouts and Countdowns is the most all in one desired and use Plugin on his niche.

Indeed Coming Soon let you continue your work on website while your visitors see the Coming Soon page. When you finish your website just bring it live using One Button!

You decide which Users can see the Website or not based on their WP Roles. If only part of the website needs to be restricted with the “Coming Soon” page now you can set which pages are available for your visitor and which not.

With Coming Soon CountDown Plugin you can even have a temporary Website with few pages (Home, About, Contact) and Subscription Form in less than 1 minute.

Main Features

2 Main Layouts
With custom CountDown showcase or just the main Titles displayed
Mobile Responsive
The entire Coming Soon page is mobile fully Responsive for any Device
2 CountDown
Different types with Digits or Cycles with dynamically decrease
10 Page Transition effect
FadeIn, Blind, Clip, Drop, Explode, Fold, Puff, Slide Up, Slide Left, Slide Right
10 Predefined Colors
Instant Color Scheme Changing for Template with 1 Click
6 Full Screen Background
Full Color, Simple Image, Parallax Image, Slideshow, Special Slideshow, Video
Sound Video Background
with additional Play/Pause buttons
Ken Burn Slideshow
The most original Slideshow
10 Background Patterns
Dots, Rectangle or diagonal lines
Custom Darkness Background
Customizable Transparency from 0-100%
9 Email Marketing Platform
MailPoet, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Mailster, Constant Contact, iContact
10 Social Media links
FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Intragram, Pinterest, Youtube, Vk, Vimeo, Dribble
4 Main Title lines
with automatic Font size adjustment
Flexible Menu Pages
On/Off any menu Page
Contact Form
Transparent fields
More Info Popup
for additional Information
Custom “WP Roles” Access
Decides which WP Roles users can see the Website besides the Admin instead of Coming Soon page.
Visible Pages
Except specific Pages or group of Pages to be restricted by being available for everyone.

    Indeed Coming Soon is the ultimate all in one coming soon/Under Construction WordPress plugin witch is fully responsive. A landing page with a well made design can be set in less than 1 min on your website and you will still be able to work on your website to be done as fast as you can!

    Indeed Coming Soon let you to continue your work on website while your visitors see the Coming Soon page. When you finish your website just bring it live by disabling the Coming Soon landing page from the main Enable/Disable button. You don’t need to Deactivate the Plugin. You can use it later anytime when your need set major changes on your website.

    All in One Features

  • Multiple Background Styles
  • – Image Background
    – Slideshow Background
    – Slideshow Background with Special Effects
    – Parallax Background
    – Video Background
    – Video Background with Audio
    – Full Color Background
    11 Patterns on Background
    – Custom Darkness Effect on Background
  • 2 CountDown Style
  • – Digits
    – Circles
  • Full Responsive Design
  • 10 Color Schemes
  • 10 Subscriptions Platforms
  • – MailChimp
    – Aweber
    – MailPoet
    – Constant Contact
    – iContact
    – Campaign Monitor
    – Mailster
    – GetResponse
    – MadMimi
    – Local Email List
  • 10 Social Media Icons
  • 10 JQuery Animation Effects for page transitions
  • Bootstrap 3.3.1 compatibility
  • CSS3 Effects
  • Contact Form
  • W3C Valid HTML
  • Retina Ready
  • AJAX Subscription Form
  • Font Awesome 4.1 integrated
  • Documentation Integrated

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In the Future?

Coming Soon plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice new features.


If you want to use Coming Soon plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.0+, and install the plugin.

Updates Log

Version 3.6
- Convert from MyMail to Mailster plugin
- Improve Dashboard workflow
Version 3.5
- Improve Counts workflow on Safari
- Fix TimeOut set on specific WP settings
Version 3.4
- Fix Set TimeOut into special cases
- ADD Option to auto Turn Off when the Time is out.
Version 3.3
- Update for WP 4.6
- Add More Info section customization text
- Fix specific compatibility issue
Version 3.2
- ADD On/Off option for Background on Mobile
- Update FontAwesome version
- Fix Heder content
- Fix Mobile Menu workflow
Version 3.0
- ADD Custom WP Roles access
- ADD Except specific Pages URL based on full Path or Keywords
- Fix Aweber integration
- Fix Special Fonts family
Version 2.7
- Increase Max Logo size
- Improve Mobile Menu
- Improve Plugin Dashboard
Version 2.6
- ADD Custom CSS option
- ADD Additional options Fields
- Improve worflow
Version 2.5
- Improve no CountDown Time set
- Fix Subscribe email with Upercase letters
- Improve EndTime Pick
Version 2.4
- Fix MyMail new versions compatible
Version 2.3
- Add NEW Layout Type
- Improve MyMail workflow
- Improve Front-End Design
- Improve Dashboard Plugin
- Improve Menu workflow
Version 2.2
- Add Audio on Video Background
- Add Parallax Background Feature
- Add other 5 Social Icons links
- Improve Dashboard Plugin
Version 2.1
- Dasboard Improvements
- Code Improvements
Version 2.0
- Fix Redirect URL
- Improve Linkedin Conditions
- Improve CountDown Workflow
Version 1.9
- Fix Count Labels
Version 1.8
- Fix Social Share Icons
- Improve Clean Inputs
- Fix Instagram Link
- Customize Fonts
- Improvements Code
Version 1.7
- Improve Contact Page
Version 1.6
- Social Links open in a separate window
- Fix Mobile Detect
Version 1.5
- Improve Responsive
- Change Menu Pages
Version 1.4
- Improve MailChimp
- Improve AWeber
Version 1.3
- Improve Contact Form Email
Version 1.2
- Constant Contact Fixed
Version 1.1
- FallBack Video on Mobile
- Responsive Upgrades
- URL Fix


  • FontAwesome
  • OwlCarousel
  • Parallaxify
  • Animate CSS
  • jQuery Knob JS
  • jQuery Tubular JS
  • jQuery UI TimePicker
  • jQuery FitText JS
  • jQuery CountDown JS
  • ColorPicker
  • Placeholder
  • Retina.JS
  • jQuery Supersized JS
  • Bootstrap
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