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In order to provide a solution to create custom call buttons and social buttons for website administrators, we created plugin that can perform the following functions:
  • Custom call button including: button image, button name, phone number.
  • Add custom social buttons including: button image, button name, phone number.
  • Edit social buttons.
  • Set call button operating hours.
  • Add conversion events for buttons.
  • Add nofollow, dofollow for button.
  • Add properties to open new tabs.
  • Add tooltip interface.
  • Add vertical display interface on Mobile.
  • Easily remove background

The display interface is beautifully optimized on desktop and mobile devices, tablets.

Custom preview with video

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Photos are shown below:

The updated version

22 October, 2021: Version 4.0
- Update tool admin interface
- Add new contact form popup display function for button

26 August, 2020: Version 3.2
- Update to add custom display functionality on Desktop / Tablet / Mobile devices
- Fixed an issue where the Full HD screen displayed incorrect horizontal tools

19 July, 2020: Version 3.1.1
- Fix tooltips display error

29 June, 2020: Version 3.1
- Custom upgrade styles for tools.
- Add function to open in new tab.
- Update default icon set.

18 April, 2020: Version 3.0
Update the error shown in the administrator.

11 April 2020: Version 2.3
Update function to add links for call buttons and timer for call buttons.

31 March 2020: Version 2.0
Updated style editing easily.

9 March 2020: Version 1.0
Publish the plugin.

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