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D-board is an advanced, responsive admin template built with Next.js, Redux, and Tailwind CSS. It includes +100 components in every layout and lots of widgets and custom made reusable components to help you build your next React project or application.


  • Next.js 10
  • SSR Ready
  • Redux, React hooks
  • Light and dark versions
  • Tailwind CSS 2.0
  • Automatic code splitting, hot code reloading
  • 2 layouts
  • +100 pages and components


#Dec 19, 2020
[updated] Updated to Next.js 10 and TailwindCSS 2

#Sep 22, 2020
[updated] Refactored modals
[updated] Updated TailwindCSS
[added] Added notifications component

#Aug 11, 2020
[updated] Updated notifications component
[fixed] Fixed navbar dropdown issues
[added] Added e-commerce views

#July 25, 2020
[added] Published template


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