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Ultimate essential addon for Elementor Page Builder with 150+ of the most popular and essential elements that you need for everyday use in website page building.

Development of the Element Pack addon for Elementor has the world’s best practices in code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5 and PHP 7.x (Tested up to 7.3) technology to bring you a professional addon for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 5.4.x ready and compliant.

Element Pack for Elementor includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) that help you easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability. There is absolutely no programming knowledge required, seriously!

Because now you can easily one-click live copy and paste into your website. Even you can import them from the template library.

It’s also multilingual ready, including 15+ languages and support RTL language.

Included Ready Made Homepages:

110+ Pages and 1100+ sections/blocks + 160+ Header and Footer already included more pages, blocks, header and footer design are coming very soon…

Some Customer Reviews

Every Widget Control is Now in Your Hand

Element Pack Included Widgets

3rd Party Plugins Supported

We are really happy to give support some of the most popular plugins. Here are some that we have widgets for now and more are coming soon.

NOTE: You need to download or purchase separately those 3rd party plugins. 3rd Party plugin NOT included with our package.

3rd Party Themes Compatibility

Our addon supports almost all themes but we tested some of the most popular can confirm that it works properly on the following:

Version Change-log [Full Changelog]

## 5.1.0 [18th June 2020]

### Added

- Interactive Card Widget Added
- Skin Split added in featured box Widget
- Skin Erect added in Price Table Widget
- Skin Janes added in Portfolio Gallery Widget
- Skin Janes added in Portfolio Carousel Widget
- Scrollspy on/off option added in Accordion widget (Thanks to Brendan Flanagan)
- Dynamic Bullets navigation and coverflow Effect and Scrollbar option added in the carousel, custom carousel, Fancy Slider, Portfolio Carousel, slider, Testimonial Carousel, Twitter Carousel, Twitter Slider, WC Carousel Widget
- Prefix and Suffix added in Chart widget (Thanks to Omar Ali)
- Image hover effect option added in Hover Box Widget
- Meta Multiline option added in Testimonial Grid, Carousel, Slider Widgets
- Content, Dropdown menu show/hide option, logout text change option added in User Login Widget (Thanks to David Stauble)
- Anchor Link on/off option added in Event List, grid, carousel Widgets
- Spotlite Mode option added in Advanced Image Gallery
- Product Table Header show/hide, order, pagination show/hide, custom pagination option added in WC-Products widget (Thanks to Sameer Duwal)
- Custom input fields added for "PREV" and "NEXT" text in Post Slider widget Hazel skin - (Thanks to Thomas Breher)
- Add to Cart and Quick View button hide on mobile option added in WC Product Widget
- Css Filter added in Advanced google map Widget
- Item Match Height option added in WC Product & WC Carousel Widgets

### Updated

- WC Product skin table some script change and updated
- Some script change & change in Table Widget

### Fixed

- Custom Link style issue fixed in offcanvas widget
- Transform rotate responsive issue fixed in Transform Effect Extention (Thanks to Stefan Zahnd)
- UTC timezone fixed on dynamic style of Business hours widget (Thanks to Mariano Cucinotta)
- Match Height issue fixed in Testimonial Carousel Widget
- Dots Navigation Center Offset issue fixed in Slider Widget
- Dots Navigation Center Offset issue fixed in carousel, custom carousel, Fancy Slider, Portfolio Carousel, slider, Testimonial Carousel, Twitter Carousel, Twitter Slider, WC Carousel Widget
- Content Background issue fixed in Circle Info widget (Thanks to Adie D)
- Div overflow issue fixed in Help Desk widget (Thanks to Abdoul Ouedraogo)
- Navigation icons issue fixed in Event Carousel Widget (Thanks to Peter Sheppard)
- Welcome massage option issue fixed in User Login
- Placeholder not showing issue fixed in User register Widget
- Indicator & badge rotate issue fixed in Advanced Icon Box (Thanks to David Stauble)
- Mapbox imperceptible & Zoom icon issues fixed in Open Street Map Widget (Thanks to Sascha Tiebel & Shreyashi Kundu)
- Offset issue fixed in Advanced Icon Box & Lottie Icon Box Widgets

## 5.0.0 [19th May 2020]

### Added

- Live copy option added you can directly copy and paste blocks from our demo pages
- Template library added in dashboard now you can easily import any of our template
- Honeycombs widget added
- Step flow widget added
- Featured Box widget added
- Everest forms widget added
- Skin alite added in post grid widget
- Skin climax added in fancy card widget
- Tags added in Post Grid Widget ( Thanks to Adi Heutschi )
- Tooltip editor option added in Marker Widget
- Dynamic Style and Header section added in Business Hours Widget
- Envelope Skin divider size, color option added in Hover Box Widget
- Animation speed option added in Slideshow, Device Slider, Post Slider, Testimonial Slider, WC Slider Widget
- Toggle alignment option added in Circle Menu Widget
- Title HTML Custom Tags added for Video and Thumbnail title in Video Gallery Widget 
- Modal width Option added in User login, User Register Widget
- (%) On/Off and Maximum custom value option added in Advanced Progress Bar widget
- Image Mask option added in Member widget
- Weather widget round temperature option added
- Toggle widget now attach with any widget
- Thumb Gallery title link option added
- Typography option added in Progress Pie widget ( Thanks to Lingxi Kong )
- Quantity style and some spacing option added in Quick view modal Section
- Auto Schema Markup functionallity added in FAQ widget
- Item active option added in Hover Box widget ( Thanks to Sven Kox )
- Item active option added in Fancy Tab widget
- Border Radius option add for Abetis, Fedara in Custom Gallery widget ( Thanks to Christopher Kingston )

### Updated

- Hash location and offset control added in Tabs, Post Gallery, Portfolio Gallery, FAQ and Accordion widget
- Table now support dynamic option
- static rating option added for Google in social proof widget
- Slider widget now support template load feature
- HTML Title Tag added in callout, Circle Info, Device Slider, Fancy List, Fancy Slider, Fancy Tabs, Flip Box, Hover Box, Panel Slider, Post Card, 
  Post Grid, Post Block Modern, Post List, Slider, Single Post, Timeline, Trailer Box, WC Product, WC Carousel, WC Slider Widgets
- Particle Z-Index option added for better order/visibility with content
- Entrance animation added in logo grid, custom gallery widget
- Mouse grab option added in custom carousel widget
- Thumbnail link option added in carousel widget
- Advanced Heading on/off option added
- Script Updated and some awesome option added in Image Compare Widget [Note: handle, click option removed]

### Fixed

- Icon nav offcanvas icon show issue fixed (Thanks to Guillem Ros Macia)
- Anywhere Elementor and Elementor Template cache issue fixed
- RTL issue field in Video Gallery Widget
- Minor (icon alignment) issue  fixed in Circle Menu Widget (Thanks to Federico Mocati)
- Marker Text size issue fixed in marker widget - (Thanks to Maximilian Ciemienga)
- Icon horizontal, vertical offset issue fixed in Advanced Icon Box Widget
- Skin Hazel, Vast read-more button icon issue fixed in Post Slider Widget
- Labels not showing issue fixed on User Register, User Login widget (Thanks to Graham Bird)
- Navigation arrows Not showing issue fixed in Logo Carousel Widget (Thanks to A M Aliq)
- Button Icon/Text color issue fixed in Portfolio Gallery, Portfolio Carousel Widget
- Template caching issue fixed for all template selectable widgets
- Dynamic tag issue fixed for some widgets
- Offcanvas widget menu not selection issue fixed
- svg width issue fixed in Advanced Divider Widget (Thanks Abdoul Ouedraogo)
- Icon Position issue fixed in Table of content Widget (Thanks Abdoul Ouedraogo)
- Color issue fixed in Quick view modal section (Thanks Joshua)
- Links open in a new tab issue fixed in Fancy Tab widget (Thanks Stephan Breideneich)
- Sold out not showing issue fixed on WC Carousel, Slider and Product widgets (Thanks to VHSMatt)

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