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Madara is the first and only Manga solution on WordPress

Madara is the first and complete solution for building a Manga site on WordPress. It is fast, robust and extensible. Data is stored on the cloud, which you can choose from Amazon S3, BlogSpot or Imgur. Of course, you can store data on your site as well. It has modern design and features such as Responsive, Lazy Loading, Infinite Pagination, SEO-optimized and RTL support.

With the Manga core plugin, you can change the skin by switching the theme, or add more features by browsing our marketplace for Manga.

Madar 1.7+

Improve performance, add more features

Madar 1.6.7 – Support Speaker (by Merkulove) plugin

Speaker plugin is to help you automatically generate Audio for any text content. In Madara, you can integrate this plugin to generate audio for Novel chapters. Demo audio: Novel chapter with audio

Madar 1.6.6 – “One Shot” manga support

Demo Read more about One Shot: One Shot support

Madara 1.6.1

  • New Manga Grid shortcode – check out new home page layout New Home
  • New layout for Manga Listing shortcode
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

Madara 1.5.2 – improvement for UX on mobile

Madara 1.5.1 – improvement for Video Chapter (Drama)

  • Multi-servers selection for Video content
  • Light on/off for Video
  • Upload chapters via direct URL

Madara 1.5 – improve performance & SEO

- New layout:

Madara 1.4 – bigger and better

Madara 1.3 now supports WooCommerce


Madara 1.1 now supports Text and Video chapter

Text chapter for Novel sites: Demo Video chapter for Anime and video sites: Demo

Admin tutorial:


  • Store Manga on different servers: Amazon S3; BlogSpot; Imgur
  • Unlimited Chapters and Volumes
  • Pre-defined and custom Advertisement location
  • Various Shortcodes and Widgets
  • Views Count, Star Rating, Bookmark Manga, Reading History
  • Advanced Manga Search & Filter
  • User Settings
  • Front-end login and register
  • Manga info: author, genre, tags, rank, artist
  • Manga Comment
  • Social Share
  • Ajax Load images, Read 1 page or multi-pages mode
  • Blog
  • Responsive
  • RTL support
  • SEO optimized
  • Translation-ready
  • Sample Data + One Click Install
  • Add-on Market for other Themes, Import Tools, Advanced Features plugins

Scrapper Tool is available

Please check:

Customer Showcase

Note: these below sites are built by theirs owner and we are not responsible for the content on their site

Free Storage limitation

Although Imgur and Google Photos provide unlimited storage, it has limitation in uploading.
For Imgur, you cannot upload more than 50 images per hour per IP.
For Google Photos, the quota limit for requests to the Library API is 10,000 requests per project per day.
Please keep that in mind when using cloud storage.

Release Logs

  • Version 1.7.3 – 2021.10.08
    • #Add: “Family Safe” button (in Theme Option > Manga General Settings)
    • #Add: option to show “Manga Info” button all the time
    • #Update: new Thumbnail Size in Theme Options > Misc (to be used for Big Thumbnail layout on mobile)
    • #Update: show template overrides status in Manga > Support page
    • #Update: WP Manga Hero Slider can show 4, 5 items per slide
    • #Fix: CSS issues
    • #Fix: various issues with adding and removing chapter images from a chapter, together with WP FTP/SFTP Storage plugin update
  • Version – 2021.09.28
    • #Fix: unable to creat single text chapter
    • #Fix: minor bugs
  • Version 1.7.2 – 2021.09.25
    • #Fix: security issue with ajax calls
    • #Fix: page Title is not updated by SEO settings in Theme Options > Manga Detail Page
    • #Fix: in Registration, error message when password is empty is not shown
    • #Update: language file
  • Version – 2021.09.19
    • #Add: option to change Item Width on mobile for Archives Item and Related Item (Theme Options > Manga Archives Page & Manga Detail Page > Item Width on Mobile Screen)
    • #Update: move New Chapters notification process to a cronjob, so adding new chapter will be faster
    • #Fix: cannot save User Settings form (in front-end)
  • Version 1.7.1 – 2021.09.09
    • #Add: option to delete all images within a chapter, without delete that chapter
    • #Add: option to update “Latest Update” time when adding more images to a chapter
    • #Update: support some features in WP Discuz plugin (admin reply on Chapter Comment), share Chapter URL
    • #Update: option to exclude specific Manga IDs in Front-Page Template
    • #Update: shortcode [manga_heading] to have “heading” parameter
    • #Update: option to specify Site Logo size (to support Google PageSpeed Insights score) – Theme Options > General > Logo Size
    • #Update: language file
    • #Fix: search by Alternative Name in Ajax search widget does not return results
    • #Fix: Ajax Chapter Paged navigation on Safari browser
  • Version 1.7 – 2021.08.15
    • #Update: improve WP Manga queries
    • #Update: support AMP plugin 2.1.3
    • #Update: “admin download novel” will generate the same .zip file structure as it is uploaded to Madara
    • #Fix: when edit a chapter, previous chapter values may appear in the fields
  • Version – 2021.08.03
    • #Add: option to reverse Blog Post navigation links (Theme Options > Single Post > Reverse Navigation)
    • #Add: option to hide Blog Post Featured Image and Post Excerpt in Post (Theme Options > Single Post)
    • #Update: ability to bulk move chapters to different volume
    • #Update: change lazy-load chapters list call, so it can be cached
    • #Update: child theme 1.0.2 to remove WP Widget Block Editor mode
    • #Update: language files for Madara-Core plugin and Madara theme
    • #Fix: minor bugs
    • #Fix: Front-Page template settings in WP 5.8
  • Version 1.6.7 – 2021.07.12
    • #Update: support Speaker plugin by Merkulove (generate voice over text for novel chapters) – options in Theme Options > Speaker
    • #Update: One Shot series now support premium plugins (WP Manga Chapter Coin, WP Manga Chapter Permission)
    • #Update: WP Manga Authors widget now supports Artists, hence new name WP Manga Authors/Artists widget
    • #Update: add option to show Manga Type on top of thumbnail (Theme Options > Manga Archives Page > Manga Type Text)
    • #Update: support Polylang plugin. Add option in Theme Options > Misc > Show Polylang Languages Switcher in Footer
    • #Update: [manga_info] shortcode with options to show/hide taxonomies link, show manga tags, and update CSS
    • #Update: return Radio and Checkbox inputs to their default style, to prevent conflicts with other plugins’ checkboxes
    • #Update: validate weak password in the Accounts Settings page in front-end, setting in Theme Options > User Settings
    • #Update: use cron-jobs for sending OneSignal notifications
    • #Update: improve chapter navigation with volumes, option to reverse Volume order in selectbox (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Volumes Order)
    • #Fix: some minor layout bugs
  • Version – 2021.06.05
    • #Add: option to change Summary Layout in each series
    • #Update: support PHP 8.+
    • #Update: support Password Protected for all chapters in a series
    • #Fix: some minor layout bugs
  • Version – 2021.05.30
    • #Fix: some minor layout bugs
  • Version – 2021.05.28
    • #Fix: cannot access other admin pages after activating
  • Version 1.6.6 – 2021.05.28
    • #Add: support One Shot manga, global setting (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Default Manga Style) and each manga setting (edit manga > Other Settings > One Shot Manga)
    • #Add: new layout for Manga Summary Layout section (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Summary Layout)
    • #Add: option to change Manga Related item layout (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Related Items Layout
    • #Add: option to change number of related items (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Number of Related Items
    • #Add: option to change number of latest chapters shown in loop/archives page (Theme Options > Manga Archives Page > Number of visible latest chapters)
    • #Add: option to put link to the latest chapter in Manga on Manga Thumbnail in the loop/archives page (Theme Options > Manga Archives Page > Link to the Latest Chapter on thumbnail)
    • #Add: option to show/hide Manga Tags (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Show Manga Tags
    • #Add: option to disable prev/next page & chapters using keyboard (WP Manga Settings > Manga Reading Page Settings > Use Left/Right keyboard
    • #Add: option to set 2, 3, 4 columns for Chapters List (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Chapters List Columns)
    • #Update: show unread chapters in Bookmark tab in User Settings, also display unread chapter links in different color
    • #Update: show Manga ID, Chapter ID in admin
    • #Update: required Theme Purchase Code to activate
    • #Update: add option to change the time range when filtering mangas by “Trending” in Front-Page template
    • #Update: OptionTree plugin to support “data-*” properties in Custom Code fields
    • #Update: Manga Chapters shortcode new params (see document)
    • #Update: CSS & Javascript libraries (bootstrap 4.6.0, shuffle 5.3.0, lazysizes 5.3.2, ionicons 4.5.10-1, fontawesome 5.15.3)
    • #Fix: bug with mobile layout of Manga Grid shortcode
    • #Fix: support WPDiscuz ajax-based comment features
  • Version – 2021.02.20
    • #Add: option navigation Posts in the same taxonomy term (Theme Options > Blog > Blog Navigation – Same Taxonomy Term
    • #Fix: notice message in Theme Options
    • #Update: clickable parent link for off-canvas mobile menu
    • #Update: require minimum 6 characters for username when registering. Able to change this value using Filter
  • Version – 2021.02.07
    • #Add: option to not show empty Manga Info fields in Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Always Show Manga Info.
    • #Add: option to limit number of visible text lines for Manga Title in the archives page
    • #Fix: Bookmark button in Text Chapter reading page does not work correctly
    • #Fix: minor bugs
  • Version – 2021.1.24
    • #Improve: in Admin, hide mangas which do not belong to current author
    • #Improve: hide Bookmark button if Site Membership is not enable
    • #Fix: User Bookmark List does not show all items
    • #Fix: Comment Pagination Links are not correct in Chapter Reading page
    • #Fix: Amazon S3 Image Links are not correct when Region is empty
    • #Fix: minor bugs
  • Version 1.6.5 – 2020.12.10
    • #Add: option to disable Manga Views (in Manga Settings)
    • #Add: option to disable default Login / Register buttons on Header (in Theme Options > Header)
    • #Add: option to turn off Ajax Manga Search (in Theme Options > Search)
    • #Add: option to order bookmark items by New Chapter Released Date (in Theme Options > Manga General)
    • #Add: option to disable Manga Voting for Guests (in Manga Settings)
    • #Update: comments for chapter will not appear in Manga Comments
    • #Update: remove duplicated database queries, improve performance
    • #Update: add rel=”noopener” to Social Links for security enhancement
    • #Update: Read First/Read Last/Continue Reading buttons are moved to bottom of Manga Detail section on mobile
    • #Fix: title badge appears in SEO title
    • #Fix: Chapter Link in Search Results always has “style=paged”
    • #Fix: Chapters List is hidden on mobile for Novel/Video chapter
    • #Fix: Video Light on/off feature
    • #Fix: Next/Prev buttons do not work properly on iOS/Safari
  • Version – 2020.08.15
    • #Fix: some JS bugs on WP 5.5
    • #Fix: Read First & Read Last buttons do not work with premium (blocked) chapter link
    • #Fix: cannot upload .jpg User Avatar in User Settings page
  • Version – 2020.07.24
    • #Add: option to control Sticky Header in Chapter Reading page (Theme Options > Manga Reading Page > Sticky Header)
    • #Update: WooCommerce template latest version 4.3.1
    • #Fix: Amazon S3 authorization issue
    • #Fix: disable “Save As” image feature does not work
  • Version – 2020.07.21
    • #Fix: security issue in User Settings page
    • #Fix: some minor warning issues
  • Version – 2020.07.20
    • #Fix: improve error messages when uploading Text Chapters
    • #Fix: unable to choose “not-to-override” chapters when uploading duplicated chapter names
    • #Fix: unable to comment on detail manga in WP Discuz
    • #Fix: Amazon S3 upload issue
  • Version – 2020.07.12
    • #Update: option to reverse bookmark list order (Theme Options > Manga General > Manga Bookmark List – Order)
    • #Update: option to show Manga Type column in Admin (Manga > WP Manga Settings > Manga General Settings > Show Chapter Type in Admin )
    • #Update: improve Search Results layout on mobile
    • #Update: option (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Lazy-load chapters list) also turn off the lazy-load Chapter Selectbox in chapter reading page
    • #Update: support filter by “Upcoming” status in Front-Page settings
    • #Fix: Chapter Notification feature can crash database if there are a lot of users & chapters
    • #Fix: support specifying chapter extend name when uploading multiple text chapters (ie. use “-” character in the folder name to separate “Chapter Name - Extend Name”)
    • #Fix: support showing Chapter Volumn for text (novel) chapters and navigate through volumns
    • #Fix: unable to remove physical avatar file if uploaded via front-end User Settings page
    • #Fix: empty active storage after deleting a Chapter Storage
    • #Fix: support WPDiscuz 7.0.3+. See updated blog post on
  • Version 1.6.4 – 2020.06.02
    • #Add: option to show Manga Author instead of post author in Manga meta tags (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Meta Tags for Authors)
    • #Add: option to manage maximum numbers of bookmarked items to prevent out of memory issue (WP Manga Settings > Single Manga Settings > Maximum Bookmark Items)
    • #Update: able to multi-select chapters in admin and delete selected chapters
    • #Update: support Ajax Search in the Search Results page for manga
    • #Update: support PHP 7.4.6
    • #Fix: bookmark icons are hidden on mobile in Video Chapter
    • #Fix: invalid Rating data tag if a manga does not have rating
    • #Update: add some hooks & filters in admin to further support add-ons
  • Version – 2020.04.26
    • #Fix: latest few chapters are deleted if a novel is permanently removed
    • #Fix: some minor CSS issues
  • Version – 2020.04.17
    • #Add: option to turn off lazy-load Chapters List (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page)
    • #Fix: button Chapters Sort does not work in lazy-load Chapters List
    • #Fix: some minor CSS issues
  • Version 1.6.3 – 2020.04.09
    • #Update: support .gif thumbnail for Manga Thumbnail
    • #Update: add “Upcoming” status for Manga
    • #Update: add “Amazon CDN URL” option
    • #Update: lazy-load Chapters List, greatly improve loading speed
    • #Fix: Google Snippet validation
    • #Fix: Chapter & Server selectbox of Video Chapters are hidden on mobile
    • #Fix: search new term in second results page goes wrong
    • #Fix: 18+ popup does not show if visitors go to chapter directly
    • #Fix: remove Chapter Content in database if a text chapter is deleted
  • Version – 2020.01.08
    • #Fix: AMP validation issues
    • #Fix: missing chapter navigation in Video Chapter on mobile
    • #Improve: load Reading Histories via ajax to prevent caching
  • Version – 2019.12.22
    • #Fix: bug with existing manga histories
    • #Update: language files
  • Version 1.6.2 – 2019.12.12
    • #Add: option to store Guest reading history
    • #Add: support AMP. Enable in Theme Options > AMP
    • Update: reduce DB calls to import performance
    • #Update: add Index when uploading new single chapter
    • #Update: able to use same .zip file structure with multiple-chapters upload when upload single chapter
    • #Update: update some outdated external libraries
    • #Fix: improve some minor CSS and layout issues
  • Version – 2019.10.21
    • #Update: Amazon S3 library (use of REST API)
    • #Fix: some WP Manga Settings do not work (error in saving settings)
    • #Fix: CSS issues
    • #Fix: some minor bugs
    • #Fix: cannot choose Volume when uploading multiple chapters
  • Version – 2019.09.30
    • #Improve: Manga Listing shortcode to filter by Manga Type, Manga Status and Following (bookmarked by current user)
    • #Improve: require to update Option Tree 2.7.3 for security fix
    • #Improve: Next/Prev volume for Novel (Text) chapters
    • #Improve: specify Chapter Extend Name when uploading multiple chapters (use ”—” separator)
    • #Improve: Manga Listing shortcode (Chapter mode) to support Chapter Thumbnail plugin
    • #Fix: cannot add shortcodes in Classic Editor
    • #Fix: comment pagination links are incorrect
    • #Fix: some minor bugs
    • #Add: option to order chapter reversely in Manga Detail page (Theme Options > Manga Detail)
    • #Fix: Manga Badge overlap with Adult badge
    • #Fix: cannot use keyboard navigation in List reading mode
  • Version – 2019.08.22
    • #Fix: missing Manga Genres in detail page
    • #Fix: users cannot change from List Reading style to Paged Reading style
    • #Fix: Sticky navigation is overlapped
    • #Fix: Manga Comments Count is incorrect in detail page
    • #Add: option to turn on Sticky Navigation on mobile (in Theme Options > Manga Reading Layout
  • Version 1.6.1 – 2019.08.20
    • #Add: able to sort chapters in front-end in Manga Detail page
    • #Add: option to exclude Genres, Tags or Authors from Manga Advance Search results (in Theme Options > Search)
    • #Add: option to move Manga Badge to before Thumbnail (in Theme Options > Manga Archives Layout)
    • #Add: shortcode [manga_grid]
    • #Add: option to toggle “Image Gaps” for each Manga
    • #Add: option to disable “Click To Scroll” while reading (in Manga > WP Manga Settings
    • #Add: option to filter manga by Status in Front-Page template
    • #Improve: Manga Advance Search to filter by Adult Content, and choose Genres condition between OR and AND
    • #Improve: new “item_layout” option (and new layout value: “Chapters”) for [manga_listing] shortcodes
    • #Improve: update Heading (H1—> H6) structure for better SEO
    • #Improve: limit Manga Views Ranking cache to 100 top viewed mangas to improve performance
    • #Improve: update Manga Single template file structure (for developer)
    • #Improve: show chosen image file name when upload user avatar
    • #Improve: sticky header for minimal reading layout
    • #Fix: ajax-search does not work
    • #Fix: cannot open Chapter Navigation selectbox on mobile
  • Version – 2019.07.19
    • #Fix: error in navigation paged chapter
    • #Fix: the “Back to Manga Info” button only works in paged chapter. Now it works for both Manga (paged- and list-type chapter) and Text/Video
    • #Fix: search by Status doesn’t work
    • #Fix: format the All Time Views value to human-friendly
    • #Fix: Sort by Rating (and Number of Votes) only work for front-page template. Now it works for Archives Manga page
    • #Fix: cannot upload multiple Text/Video Chapters to specific volume
    • #Improve: (Madara Shortcodes) get current Manga ID for [manga_chapters] and [manga_info] shortcode if it is not passed in
  • Version 1.6 – 2019.07.15
    • #Add: Minimal Reading Layout for Chapter Reading page (in Theme Options > WP Manga Reading Layout)
    • #Add: Reading Toolbar for Novel type (in front-end)
    • #Add: option to change displaying Monthly Views by All Time Views in Manga Info page
    • #Add: Random Order in WP Manga Posts widget
    • #Add: option to turn off Reading Settings tab in User Settings page
    • #Add: (WP Manga Shortcodes) shortcode [manga_info]. See: Doc
    • #Add: option to show/hide Chapter Heading (in Theme Options > WP Manga Reading Layout)
    • #Add: option to filter Mangas by Genres and Tags for Front-Page template
    • #Add: option to add link back to Manga Info page if users are reading the last page of the last chapter
    • #Add: option to disable User Avatar Upload feature
    • #Improve: (WP Manga Shortcodes) shortcode [manga_chapters]. See Doc
    • #Improve: click to scroll when reading novel
    • #Improve: remove old avatar when users upload new ones
    • #Improve: sort by Rating now counts for Number of Votes
    • #Improve: open Sign In/Sign Up popup if users are not logged in to comment
    • #Improve: add Chapter URL in comment notification email content
    • #Improve: count Views by ajax so it works with Cache plugins
    • #Improve: visited chapter links have grey color
    • #Improve: small issues
    • #Fix: WP Manga Slider widget – filter by tag does not work
    • #Fix: cannot open mobile navigation bar when reading chapter after prev/next chapter
  • Version 1.0 – First release
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