Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

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Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder is the most complete extensions package. Over 1700 presets, more then 70 shortcodes & additions, easy to use.

Massive Addons – Uber WPBakery Page Builder Extension

Hello, in May 2015 we have set out to create The Best WPBakery Page Builder addon with all the bells and whistles that you expect from such package. After 8 months we have ended up with Massive Addons and we think it is awesome! Learn All about it below, and thank you for your interest!

We are working as designers and developers for over a decade, you can say we know our way around the web WPBakery Page Builder is our go to page builder for years and that’s why we know it’s advantages and drawbacks. At the beginning we have investigated what is wrong with current addon packages and VC itself. Most of the packages are slow, heavy weight and does not look good. Each time you want to change something you need to go through tons of settings to achieve the same look. There is no easy way to easily create stuff with few clicks and that got us thinking.

We came up with Presets. Basically presets are “templates” of styles & layouts for your shortcodes. With presets you can recreate any layout anywhere on the website with just one click. Of course you can create your own presets, edit the build in package (there are over 1700 presets) or delete those you do not need anymore.

But this wasn’t our only assumption. It had to be easy to use, fast, reliable eye-catching. To give our users full control we have created lots of settings, but we also wanted it to look welcoming and simple. That’s why we have created Easy Mode. It displays only the necessary settings and hides the rest. We created the easiest workflow possible: load preset, change (for example) content, save and you are done.

Optimization was also a key assumption. We have spent a lot of time on it and scored an “A” grade on gTmetrix with almost 100% score.

To put Massive Addons into perspective we have: 70+ shortcodes & additions, 1700+ presets, 35 page templates, 5000+ settings, 15 tutorial videos. It took us almost 7000 hours of coding, 541 GIT Commits and we have written over 130 000 lines of code!

Try Massive Addons, before you buy it, watch promotional video or compare it to it’s competitors.

Main Features


Presets are a unique Massive Addons feature, it allows you to style and change the behavior of your shortcodes with a single click. Preset is a set of shortcode settings it defines each aspect of its look & behavior. MA comes with over 1700 presets, of course you can edit or delete them, on top of that you can easily create your own presets. Learn More.

Easy Mode

Each shortcode from the package has lots of options, some of our users wont need the full control thats why we have created an Easy Mode (you can easily turn it on & off for each shortcode). What it does is leaves only the key settings for each shortcode and hides the advanced stuff. Of course it works with presets. Learn More.


Massive Addons comes with 63 shortcodes, each of them have been build from scratch. You can control almost any aspect of the shortcode: border, backgrounds, colors, behavior, layout, effects and much much more. Because they are very flexible the possibilities are endless. Browse shortcodes.


A part from shortcodes MA has also a set of additions (12). They are providing additional features to the shortcodes and WPBakery Page Builder itself. For example we have extended the Row settings to add the parallax effect with up to three layers. Browse Additions.

Page Templates

To show you what MA is truly about we have created 35 beautiful page templates, for you to work with and easily see what is possible with our package. All of the pages are build in 100% with Massive Addons, there are no additions. Browse Templates.

Custom Fields

We have created multiple custom fields for advance settings to easily manage them. There are special fields for boarders, margins, paddings, icons, gradients etc. Such fields make the shortcodes easier to use also the settings are much more readable. Learn More.

Icons & Fonts

MA comes with over 2500+ icons and 700+ fonts, of course only the used fonts (and font weights) are loaded. The icons are retina ready. You can easily manage used fonts with font presets. Learn More.

Optimized for SEO & Performance

We have put a lot of though into performance and SEO optimization. This is a very big plugin but to make sure everything is as smooth as possible on each page we load only the necessary files, we make sure that the number of requests is as low as possible. Each of the shortcodes & presets can be easily disabled. We have tested the site against our competition and MA is up to 2 times faster. We only load the necessary font families and font weights. We provide a version of MA with minified CSS and JS files to improve the performance further. Learn More.

Improved WPBakery Page Builder

We have redesigned VC (don’t be scared it works the same) and took it a step further. With lots of options the WPBakery Page Builders shortcode popup was not very readable. Thats why we have created something called Stacks. Basically Stack groups fields together. For example border field doesn’t take up 8 lines of space (one for each setting) but just 2. First is responsible for border settings like border type, color, radius etc. The second one covers the border with from each side. On top of that it looks great! Learn More.

Training Videos

We want you to succeed, thats why we have created bunch of training videos on how to use our shortcodes it’s presets and other awesome features. Currently there are 15 videos with more to come. They are in HD quality and some of them are narrated. Read more.

Responsive & Retina Ready

Both the shortcodes & the redesigned WPBakery Page Builder is responsive & retina ready. We have tested it on real devices.Learn More

Translation ready

Massive Addons comes with WPML support and PO files so you can easily adjust it to any language you like.

PSDs Included

Inside the download package you will find a set of over 50 PSD files with all the shortcodes and templates.

Extensive Documentation

We wanted to make the documentation as easy to use as possible thats why we created a site dedicated to Massive Addons with knowledge base, instant search and many more cool features. Visit MPC Hub

All In One Package

With Massive Addons you get the most advanced VC extension. We truly think that with WPBakery Page Builder & Massive Addons you can create any website you can imagine.



Thank you for your interest, Kuba G.


16/7/2019 - Version
 - Cubebox & Flipbox "Max height" option which triggers scrollable content inside higher side

 - WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.4 support
 - WooCommerce 3.6.5 support
 - Blaszok theme compatibility

 - Icon/Icon list PHP fatal when those are only ones enabled in Massive Panel->Shortcodes
 - Accordion button alignment options
 - Blaszok theme standard parallax with fullwidth Row


11/6/2019 - Version 2.4.6
 - Cubebox flip on click option
 - Flipbox flip on click option
 - Carousel Post & Product option exclude current
 - Panel notice about missing php_mbstring extension
 - No posts found info for grids & carousels on front-end

 - WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.3 support
 - WooCommerce 3.6.4 support
 - Olympus theme compatibility

 - Missing php_mbstring no longer crashes page display
 - Infinite carousels background images lazy load
 - Un-initiated carousels stay hidden on desktop
 - Datetime picker settings pop-up z-index issue
 - System Info theme version API PHP error
 - Flipbox link inside box handling
 - Row columns stretch ( Olympus theme )


24/5/2019 - Version
 - WordPress 5.2.1 support

 - Row content preset loads with Disable row turned ON
 - Column content preset loads with Background video turned ON


21/5/2019 - Version
 - WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.2 support
 - WordPress 5.2 support
 - WooCommerce 3.6.3 support
 - The 7 theme compatibility
 - Page Templates Installer gives feedback on both error & success

 - Carousel Image lightbox is using full size image now
 - Accordion close others option allows closing active item too

 - The 7 theme color picker for page/post options
 - Prevent Modal jumping into top of a page
 - Timeline last items glitch on Mac Chrome
 - System Info PHP notice property 'version' of non-object


23/4/2019 - Version
 - Lazy Load for Post/Product/Product Category thumbnail background images in Single, Grids & Carousels
 - Admin panel notice in case of missing server php-dom extension

 - Crash while missing server php-dom extension
 - Grids & Carousels not showing on Frontend Editor


16/4/2019 - Version
  - Rima theme compatibility

  - Tooltip/Hotspot Content field description
  - Turning OFF option Row/Column Addons prevents content parsing & injecting MA row/column classes

  - Stripping content from </br> tags
  - Typography Fonts select2 z-index issue
  - Adding 0kb image entries on servers with disabled allow_url_fopen
  - Icon type Character is no longer italic on default
  - Double lightbox while using Rima theme
  - Timeline JS error of undefined


09/4/2019 - Version 2.4.5
  - Product Category support for both singular & plural phrase forms

  - WooCommerce 3.5.7 support
  - Brooklyn theme support
  - Image Map Pro plugin support
  - .htaccess rule adding for unknown Apache version or lower then 2.4.11

  - Google Fonts static file

  - Gravity Forms issue whenever $ sign is used in condition logic
  - Brooklyn theme Edit Page/Post overlay covering element settings pop-up
  - WYSIG Editor extending page height
  - Hidden modal covering other elements
  - Image Map Pro svg inside closed Tabs triggering pointer events


21/3/2019 - Version 2.4.4
  - Hotspot tooltip WPML translation support
  - Map & Marker description guidance for converting GPS or address into Google coords

  - PHP 7.3 support
  - WPBakery Page Builder 5.7 support
  - WordPress 5.1.1 support
  - WPML support
  - Grid & Carousel Posts taxonomies performance
  - Vitrine theme support
  - Jupiter theme support
  - Salient theme support
  - Uncode theme support
  - Font settings to overwrite Typography Presets are no longer hidden under an Easy Mode

  - Grid Images lightbox is using now full image size instead of large

  - Timeout on some servers related to low SubstituteMaxLineLength, .htaccess rule is being added on default
  - RTL Carousel Navigation Style 3,4 & 5
  - Grids & Carousels load glitch
  - Interactive Image preview size & Hotspots positioning
  - Modal hiding behind parallax row on Salient theme
  - Carousel Anything items alignment for option with multiple carousel rows
  - Tabs not working in case of duplicated IDs
  - Tab button alignment options
  - PHP Notice: Undefined index: parallax_on_mobile
  - Editor resizing issue
  - Jupiter theme Fancy Title issue
  - Icon Column link inheriting theme CSS link underlining
  - Uncode lightbox z-index issue


11/12/2018 - Version
  - WordPress 5.0 support
  - WPBakery Page Builder 5.6 support

  - Translation .mo & .po templates

  - Scripts dependency for themes loading jQuery in a footer
  - Entities in HTML source code related to diacritical marks encoding
  - Content editor iframe height
  - Content editor empty line after heading tags
  - iHover link tag position inside content


23/11/2018 - Version
   - Post->Full Image option with Masonry, its possible now to create Masonry style Grid Posts


20/11/2018 - Version
   - WC Product->Image Quality option
   - Carousel Posts/Products max cols increased to 8

   - Posts Carousel & Grid Include/Exclude query

   - WC Product id property direct access notice
   - WC Product long title text overflow


13/11/2018 - Version 2.4.3
   - Posts/Products thumbnail and overlay click works as a link

   - Better use of WPBakery hooks to load backend styles & scripts

   - Icon anchor link underline with some themes 
   - Uncode icon in header cart issue
   - Column->Content Presets->Interactive Banners includes now overlay adjustment


30/10/2018 - Version 
   - Map & Marker Location field supports now point coordinates
   - Grid & Carousel Products IDs source support for variations 
   - Product variation without thumbnail pulls parent image

  - Preset & images are now downloaded from new HTTPS source 
  - Next update will be downloaded from new HTTPS source

  - WooCommerce 3.5 support

  - WC Product parent property accessed directly 
  - Image in Text Block responsive behavior


25/10/2018 - Version 
  - Uncode columns layout on small screens


22/10/2018 - Version
  - Translations
  - Page Templates are now downloaded from HTTPS source

  - WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.5 support
  - WooCommerce 3.4.7 support
  - Uncode theme compatibility
  - Jupiter theme compatibility

  - Uncode columns layout conflict
  - Jupiter show/hide columns conflict
  - MA Row styles/scripts load with "Single JS/CSS file for All Shortcodes" disabled


25/09/2018 - Version 2.4.2
  - Parallax on mobile option in Massive Panel 

  - Slider Revolution tabs navigation fix


21/09/2018 - Version
  - Single JS/CSS file for All Shortcodes option ON not loading mpc-main.css file


20/09/2018 - Version 2.4.1
  - Carousel Anything crashing Frontend Editor
  - Icon select loaded on each edit post_type screen
  - Animated Text typewriting wraps for all screen sizes now


12/09/2018 - Version 2.4
  - WC Add To Cart refreshes minicart now 
  - Remove Google Fonts option into Massive Panel
  - Grid & Carousel Posts Include / Exclude taxonomies option
  - Image quality option for Single Post/Grid Posts/Carousel Posts in element Settings->Item
  - Custom fonts filter for better customization ma_custom_fonts
  - Grid Images filter for thumbnails ma_grid_images_thumbnail
  - Grid Images filter for overlays ma_grid_images_overlay
  - Open Tab based on address bar URL, '#open-tab_' + data-tab_id 

  - GDPR
  - WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.4 support
  - WordPress 4.9.8 support
  - WooCommerce 3.4.5 support
  - W3C standards
  - ListingPro theme compatibility

  - Automatic Updater, fix is inside plugin code, so it will work after this version
  - WC Grid Products Add To Cart now works correctly after load more
  - Button with long text and icon alignment
  - Empty target attribute
  - Small CSS issues


08/03/2018 - Version 2.3.3
- WPML support
- WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7 support
- WordPress 4.9.4 support
- WooCommerce 3.3.3 support
- Modal compatibility with Bridge theme
- Templatera plugin compatibility
- Jupiter theme Toggle Row compatibility

- Content Presets images installation into Media Library
- TinyMCE textarea empty space in new line
- Tabs: incorrect active tab issue
- Tab content overflow issue on some layouts
- PHP notice when Row Additions are turned Off


28/11/2017 - Version 2.3.2
- Plugin name into Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

- Backend scripts are loaded only on WPBakery Page Builder enabled page/post

- Typography Presets edition and new presets creation
- IE11 Carousel Testimonial description text not wrapping
- URL param target=_blank issue


22/11/2017 - Version 2.3.1
- Slider Revolution not loading
- Layout issues with some themes
- Color Picker missing input field by hand and clear button 


21/11/2017 - Version 2.3
- Wordpress 4.9
- WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.4
- WooCommerce 3.2.4
- PHP 7.1 compatibility
- Performance when generating front-end
- Compatibility with some themes
- FontAwesome updated to version 4.7

- Color Picker issue on Wordpress 4.9
- MPC Row & Columns warnings ( fatal errors on PHP 7.1 )
- Select2 library conflict with WooCommerce
- Content Presets images upload
- Triggering Modal jumps to top of a page
- Typography Presets being too easily overwriten by theme CSS styles
- Google Analytics plugin Icon pop-up compatibility issue
- Info Box->Icon "Custom Class" 
- Callout Box->Button "Custom Class" 
- Carousel Product Categories not displaying
- Product Category count incorrect number
- Grid Posts with only one item incorrect size
- Grid Posts items width rare issue
- Timeline Basic incorrect hint text for "Items Position" 
- Link Column documentation dead link in error notification
- tinyMCE editor textarea resize
- Count Down Notice: Undefined offset in debug log
- Text Block->Tooltip not visible on hover
- Accordion->Title alignment
- Other small fixes

Previous changes can be viewed here.

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