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Nanum is a professional Digital & Marketing Agency WordPress Theme. This theme is ideal for Business, SEO, Content Marketing, Consulting and Financial Companies, Digital Agencies, Analytical Groups and Large Corporations etc..

What our clients said about us:

About Nanum:


  • High quality design.
  • Use Elementor Page Builder.
  • Elementor – Added Header and Footer Builder Functionality, So you can Build your own style Header and Footer.
  • 100% Fully Responsive Layouts.
  • Based on 1170px Bootstrap Grid System (Full width 1440px).
  • Easy to Customize.
  • Advanced Theme options.
  • 1 Click Demo Template Install.
  • 6 Unique pages.
  • 5 Inner Pages Services, Contact, About, Blog Posts and Single Post.
  • 100% Retina Layout.
  • Font Awesome & Lineicons Integrated.
  • Google Fonts Ready.
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Very Well Documentation.
  • Outstanding Support.

Online Documentation


  • Images (Unsplash) via Unsplash Data Plugin.

UPDATE 1.0.8 / 17 Nov 2019

- NEW:  Demo
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.

UPDATE 1.0.7 / 22 Oct 2019

- NEW:  Demo
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.

UPDATE 1.0.6 / 26 Sep 2019

- NEW:  Demo
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.

UPDATE 1.0.5 / 23 July 2019

- NEW:  Demo
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.

UPDATE 1.0.4 / 23 Apr 2019

- NEW:  Demo
- NEW: About page design.
- NEW: Contact page design.
- Improvements single post HTML markup.
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.

UPDATE 1.0.3 / 23 Mar 2019

- NEW:  Demo
- NEW: About page design.
- UPDATED: Pixerex Elements Plugin.
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.

UPDATE 1.0.2 / 13 Feb 2019

- NEW: Agency Demo
- NEW: Faq page design.
- NEW: Pixerex Elements Plugin.
- NEW: Child theme added to the download package.
- UPDATED: Pixerexcore Plugin.
- IMPROVED: WooCommerce Integration.
- IMPROVED: WooCommerce Style.
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.

UPDATE 1.0.1 / 12 DEC 2018

- NEW: Saas Demo
- And Improvements and minor bug fixes.


—Version: 1.0.0 – December 9, 2018
Initial release. 

Thanks for checking out Nanum Theme!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

You’re the reason we’re here! We love any and all constructive feedback and even folks dropping in just to say hello.

If you love Nanum Theme as much as we know you will,
please remember to Rate it .

Note: All Fonts images you may have seen in the preview are for demo purpose only and not included to the final purchase.
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