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Native — Stylish Multipurpose Creative Corporate Wordpress Theme is your number 1 choice if you need to build a unique stylish website. 40+ creative, corporate, blog, portfolio, gallery, shop, onepage pre-built demos with one-click demo installation feature and bundled WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution and other premium plugins will allow you to get your project done easy and fast. Drug-n-drop visual page builder with frontend editor and 60+ DFD custom shortcodes allow to build any page you want. Advanced responsive options will make your page mobile friendly. Powerful theme options panel provides control of every page type, taxonomy, header and many more. Choose one of Restaurant, Lawyer, Agency, Health Care, Shop, Fitness, App, Blog, News, Portfolio, Onepage demo or build your own one. Our extended theme documentation and video tutorials will help you to find the answers for all of your questions and even if you need something that is not described there or you simply need assistance our friendly customers’ support confirmed by lots of customers’ reviews will do their best to provide you with the solution you need as fast as possible.


----------12-10-2021 V 1.5.6-------------------
1. Demo import bug fixes
2. Theme activation with purchase code added
3. Demo content and plugins moved from theme zip
4. DFD Extensions updated v.1.5.6
----------22-09-2021 V 1.5.5-------------------
1. New "Travel to" layout added.
2. Slider Revolution updated v.6.5.8
3. WPBackery page builder updated v.6.7.0
4. PHP 8.0 compatibility added
5. DFD Extensions updated v.1.5.5
----------25-06-2021 V 1.5.4-------------------
1. WooCommerce templates updated v.5.4.1
2. Slider Revolution updated v.6.4.11
3. WPBackery page builder updated v.6.6.0
4. DFD Extensions updated v.1.5.4
5. Header builder bug fixes
----------30-12-2020 V 1.5.3-------------------
1. WooCommerce templates updated v.4.6.0
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.5.0
3. DFD Extensions updated v.1.5.3
4. Slider Revolution updated v.6.3.4
5. Contact form shortcode bug fixes
----------21-09-2020 V 1.5.2-------------------
1. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.4.0
2. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.23
3. DFD Extensions updated v.1.5.2
----------04-09-2020 V 1.5.1-------------------
1. WP 5.5 compatibility
2. Site Health critical issues solved
3. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.22
4. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.3.0
5. DFD Extensions updated v.1.5.1
----------12-05-2020 V 1.5.0-------------------
1. Рeader builder bug fixed
2. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.6
3. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.2.0
4. DFD Extensions updated v.1.5.0
----------15-11-2019 V 1.4.8-------------------
1. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.7.0
2. Fix modal box shortcode non numeric notice
3. Compatibility plugin AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
4. DFD Extensions updated v.1.4.8
5. Slider Revolution updated v.6.1.2
6. SMK Sidebar Generator updated v.3.3.1
7. Compatibility WP 5.3
----------12-08-2019 V 1.4.7-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.6.0.9
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.0.5
3. Fix Google map marker
4. DFD Extensions updated v.1.4.7
----------16-07-2019 V 1.4.6-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.6.0.4
2. DFD Extensions updated v.1.4.6
----------02-07-2019 V 1.4.5-------------------
1. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.0.3
2. SMK Sidebar Generator updated v.3.2.0
----------21-05-2019 V 1.4.4-------------------
1. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.0.2
2. WordPress 5.2 compatibility issues solved
3. Subscribe shortcode bug fixed
4. DFD Theme Extensions updated v.1.4.4
----------18-04-2019 V 1.4.3-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.
2. Chrome browser smooth scroll bug fixed
3. Pagination bug fixed
4. Google+ removed
5. Header style 8 & header style 9 logo bug fixed
----------04-03-2019 V 1.4.2-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.5.7
3. Simple image gallery shortcode masonry style & lazy load image bug fixed
4. WooCommerce v.3.5.5 compatibility
----------11-12-2018 V 1.4.1-------------------
1. Enable post category description option added
2. One page scroll page template disable footer option bug fixed
3. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.5.2
4. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.5.6
5. Slider Revolution updated v.
6. WordPress 5.0 compatibility
----------06-11-2018 V 1.4.0-------------------
1. Related posts bug fixed
2. One page scroll footer scrollable area bug fixed
3. Single image shortcode "One page scroll nav" option bug fixed
4. Google maps shortcode market bug fixed
5. Single image shortcode retina image and lazy load conflict solved
6. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.5.5.5
7. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.5.1
----------20-09-2018 V 1.3.9-------------------
1. Client logo carousel shortcode notice removed
2. Checkout page bug fixed
3. WP Bakery Page Builder plugin updated v.5.5.4
4. Translation updated
----------20-08-2018 V 1.3.8-------------------
1. Copyright message in subfooter target attribute option added
2. WPML config updated: blog, folio, gallery top link source
3. .PO, .MO files updated
4. Responsive bug fixed
----------04-07-2018 V 1.3.7-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v 5.4.8
2. Visual Composer updated v.5.5.2
3. YouTube video background autoplay bug fixed
----------18-06-2018 V 1.3.6-------------------
1. WooCommerce v.3.4.1 update compatibility issues solved
2. Tilted presentation shortcode icon color option bug fixed
3. Slider Revolution updated v
4. Appear effects offset option added
----------22-05-2018 V 1.3.5-------------------
1. WooCommerce backend image picker double click issue solved
2. Slider Revolution updated v
3. Admin notice dismiss option added
----------26-03-2018 V 1.3.4-------------------
1. Countdown shortcode bug fixed
2. Video shortcode thumb size bug fixed (PHP v 7.2)
3. DFD contact form warning issue solved
4. Translation files updated
5. PHP v 7.2 notice issue solved
6. DFD contact form shortcode message translation issue solved
7. Empty space after Slider Revolution on One Page scroll bug fixed
8. Slider Revolution updated v
9. Visual Composer updated v.5.4.7
----------26-02-2018 V 1.3.3------------------- 
1. Slider Revolution updated (v
2. WooCommerce cart page mobile version bugs fixed
3. WooCommerce v.3.3.3 compatibility
----------13-02-2018 V 1.3.2-------------------
1. WooCommerce checkout page mobile view fix
2. WooCommerce v.3.3.1 compatibility
----------06-02-2018 V 1.3.1-------------------
1. WooCommerce backward compatibility bug fixed
----------01-02-2018 V 1.3.0-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated to v.5.4.7
2. WooCommerce v.3.3.0 compatibility
----------23-01-2018 V 1.2.9-------------------
1. Header builder sections background bug fixed
----------27-12-2017 V 1.2.8-------------------
1. Visual Composer updated to v.5.4.5
2. Slider Revolution updated to v.
3. Single post/portfolio/gallery pagination date translation bug fixed
4. Contact form dropdown bug fixed
----------21-11-2017 V 1.2.7-------------------
1. Visual Composer updated
2. Header Builder bug fixed
3. WordPress v.4.9 compatibility issues solved
4. Slider Revolution updated
----------12-10-2017 V 1.2.5-------------------
1. WooCommerce v.3.2.0 update compatibility added
----------20-09-2017 V 1.2.4-------------------
1. Slider Revolution plugin updated.
2. Visual Composer plugin updated.
----------06-09-2017 V 1.2.3-------------------
1. Admin notes dismissable option added.
----------29-08-2017 V 1.2.2-------------------
1. Pricing list shortcode "Currency symbol position" bug fixed.
----------28-08-2017 V 1.2.1-------------------
1. Video background on Login page bug fixed. 
2. Visual Composer updated to 5.2.1 version.
3. Facebook counter bug fixed.
4. Shopping cart displaying bug fixed. 
4. Row background in Ultimate addons bug fixed. 
5. Slider Revolution updated to version.
----------10-07-2017 V 1.2.0-------------------
1. WPBakery Visual Composer 5.2 compatibility issue solved.
----------06-07-2017 V 1.1.9-------------------
1. WPBakery Visual Composer 5.2 compatibility added.
2. RTL mode "warning" removed.
3. Multilayer Vertical Parallax background position option in row settings added.
4. Appear animation effect of Tabs shortcode bug fixed.
5. Single image and Blog posts retina display bugs fixed.
----------30-06-2017 V 1.1.8-------------------
1. Simple style footer section on One Page scroll template added. 
2. WooCommerce 3.1.0 compatibility added.
3. "Shuffle style" on Animated text shortcode bug fixed. 
4. Style tags on single product fixed. 
5. Retina logo issue solved.
6. Slider Revolution plugin update included.
----------07-06-17 V 1.1.7-------------------
1.   New: New demo added.
2.   Fix: WooCommerce variable product images bug fixed.
----------25-05-17 V 1.1.6-------------------
1.   New: New demo added.
----------16-05-17 V 1.1.5-------------------
1.   New: RTL support added.
2.   Fix: Header builder bug fixed.
----------11-05-17 V 1.1.4-------------------
1.   Fix: Contact form module bug fixed.
2.   Fix: Custom fonts uploader bug fixed.
3.   Fix: Header login form conflict with header builder fixed.
----------04-05-17 V 1.1.3-------------------
1.   New: New demo added.
----------02-05-17 V 1.1.2-------------------
1.   New: New demo added.
----------25-04-17 V 1.1.1-------------------
1.   Fix: Redux editor field fix.
----------24-04-17 V 1.1.0-------------------
1.   New: New demo added.
2.   New: Plugins updated.
----------20-04-17 V 1.0.9-------------------
1.   New: New demo added.
2.   New: Portfolio and gallery module thumb size options added.
3.   New: Back to top button styling options added.
4.   New: Info box module hover option added.
5.   Fix: One page scroll background bug fixed.
6.   Fix: Portfolio and gallery image sizing improved.
7.   Fix: Lightbox buttons vertical alignment veiw improved.
8.   Fix: Facts module bug fixed.
9.   Fix: Instagram color changed.
10. Fix: Portfolio fullscreen IE11/EDGE on Windows 7 bug fixed.
11. Fix: Image carousel IE11/EDGE on Windows 7 bug fixed.
12. Fix: One page scroll appear effects fixed.
----------14-04-17 V 1.0.8-------------------
1. New: New demo added.
2. New: Demo data for shortcodes added.
3. Fix: Google Maps IE bug fixed.
4. Fix: Image module hover bug fixed.
5. Fix: Team member module bug fixed.
6. Fix: Gradient button module bug fixed.
----------10-04-17 V 1.0.7-------------------
1. New: New demo added.
2. Fix: Gradient button bug fixed.
3. Fix: Modal box bug fixed.
4. Fix: Image module hover bug fixed.
----------06-04-17 V 1.0.6-------------------
1. New: New demo added.
2. New: Admin area custom CSS option added.
3. Fix: Images alt attribute
4. Fix: WooCommerce 3.0 and Yith WooCommerce Wishlist 2.1.0 versions compatibility added
5. Fix: Related posts thumbnail bug fixed.
6. Fix: Twitter shortcode title alignment bug fixed.
7. Fix: Icon manager wp_filesystem call bug fix.
----------03-04-17 V 1.0.5-------------------
1. New: New demo addded.
2. New: Lazy images load fetaure added for shortcodes.
3. New: vk and odnoklassniki social networks added.
4. New: Mobile menu subitems trigger styles changed.
5. Fix: Side header menu dropdowns bug fixed.
----------28-03-17 V 1.0.4-------------------
1. Fix: Custom fonts notice fixed.
2. Fix: Rotate box module animation improved.
3. Layer Slider added.
----------23-03-17 V 1.0.3-------------------
1. Fix: json_decode error fixed in icon manager extension while demo data installation.
2. One page scroll template Firefox bug fixed.
----------21-03-17 V 1.0.2-------------------
1. 8 new demos added
2. Plugins updated
----------14-03-17 V 1.0.1-------------------
1. Plugins updated
----------13-03-17 V 1.0-------------------
1. 4 new demos added
2. Plugins updated
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