Oceanwp - Sticky Footer 1.0.10

A simple extension to attach your footer to the bottom of the screen.

Version 1.0.10

  • - Added: Codes for Freemius switch.

Version 1.0.9

  • - Fixed: Issue in responsive.

Version 1.0.8

  • - Added: Polish translation, thanks to Fin Fafarafiel.

Version 1.0.7

  • - Added: Typography fields for the footer bar menu and text.

Version 1.0.6

  • - Added: Spanish language, thank you to Angel Julian Mena.
  • - Deleted: Admin notice if OceanWP is not the theme used.

Version 1.0.5

  • - Fixed: CSS issue when boxed layout is selected.

Version 1.0.4

  • - Added: French translation, thanks a lot to Jean of

Version 1.0.3

  • - Fixed: Customizer options issue.


  • - Added: All sanitize_callback for the customizer options.


  • - Added: Text field to allow you to add your own opening icon.
  • - Tweak: Icons in the menu.


  • Deleted: Menu Item span tag, directly implanted in the theme if an icon is added.

Version 1.0.2

  • Issue with the Footer Callout extension fixed.

Version 1.0.1

  • Issue with links that were not clickable when the extension was enabled fixed.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release
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