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Openswatch is a plugin for wordpress and woocommerce with alot of new feature. This plugin make your woocommerce website became friendly and easy use for your customer.

This is some feature of OpenSwatch:

  • Add function multi images for variation
  • Allow add,change swatch image for variations attributes
  • Add/ change swatch image for variations item for each product
  • Display swatch image for variations item on shopping cart and order details
  • Turn On or Off tooltips for swatch item feature
  • Turn On / Off openswatch on each product
  • Enable / Disable swatch color on product list
  • Pre-select for variable product with default variation on woocommerce
  • Change product image follow color selected (all image in product page, not only 1 image as default woocommerce)
  • Work with default woocomerce variations system
  • Easy extend and control
  • Support multi variations attributes
  • Support colour for swatch icon
  • Allow add,change swatch image for variations attributes on each product
  • And more….

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Openswatch – Woocommerce variations image swatch – Well Evaluated


Update (17-04-2019) - version 5.0 :
      -  Improved code
      -  Global attribute color 
Update (12-03-2019) - version 4.1 :
      -  Improved code
Update (26-Nov-2018) :
      -  Improved code
      - Support product import with variation gallery mode
Update (16-Nov-2018) :
      -  Restore default gallery when click clear button
      -  Resolved issues with new version of woocommerce
      - Global setting with default swatch style, swatch gallery in enable all products setting
Update (27-Sept-2018) :
      - Fixed bug with variations mode
      -  Improved selector on frontend
Update (22-July-2018)  - Version 3.7:
      - Add new feature gallery mode with variations multi images gallery
     -  Make preselect use default variations feature
      -  Improved selector on frontend
Update (16-March-2018) :
      - Fixed bug with wc 3.3, wpml
      -  Improved code
Version 3.6 (26-Feb-2018) :
      - Fixed bug with wc 3.3
      - Support wpml
      - Pre-select follow colour selected in product list
      -Consider update with custom theme (theme doesn't follow woocommerce core) because you should integrate again when update our plugin.
Update 12-Sep-2017
      - Support colour picker 
      - Support custom options
      - Choice swatch options , swatch select without save / update product
      - Set swatch images / colour / variations gallery on each product
Update 11-May-2017
      - Support woocommerce 3.x
      - Improved gallery image load
      - Set correct image with swatch in minicart + shopping cart
      - full integrate with core woocommerce
Update 16-Jun-2016
      - Support woocommerce 2.6
Version 2.0 (5 May 2016)
    - swatch image in shopping cart / order details
    - Easy hook by javascript by event
    - Improved code
Version 1.5 (23 October 15)
    - Price widget
    - Improved code
    - Remove color and price filter in sortby location (Move to widget)
Version 1.4 (8 October 15)
    - Attribute widget with colorswatch
    - Optimize loading speed
Version 1.3 (26 September 15)
    - New function Enable or Disable openswatch for each product
    - Add product swatch to product list
    - Price filter
Version 1.2 (7 September 15)
    - Update for wc < 2.4.
Version 1.1 (6 September 15)
    - Reset default image when click reset button.
Version 1.0 (1 September 15)
    - Initial public release.
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