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WooCommerce Product Combo with Discount Boost Sale Plugin is a simple & light weight plugin which allow Upselling and cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items.

WooCommerce Product Combo with Discount Boost Sale Plugin

  • 3 Style Available
  • Ajax Add to Cart Combo
  • Checkbox Section Product
  • Sale Timer
  • Multiple Row Option
  • Percentage and Fixed Discount option
  • No Need Coupone Code Generate
  • Every Product Generate Different Discount for Combo
  • Override Option in every Product
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Display Option
  • Single Product Load Highlight Sale Combo section
  • Discount Information Title
  • Support WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin
  • Shortcode generate for every Combo Product
  • Shortcode use to automatically display the Sale Combo anywhere
  • RTL Support
  • WPML compatible

How to cross sell on a Product page

  1. Offer a discounted price on a bundled product offer to encourage immediate purchase with a temporary price savings.
  2. Demonstrate how the additional products work with the product being purchased.
  3. Bundle related products so the customer doesn’t need to look for necessary components or accessories.
  4. Suggest combos of products that the shopper might like
  5. Show products customers like him are buying together frequently
  6. Make recommendations before they exit the Single product page
  7. Give suggestions before they proceed to checkout on Single Product Page
  8. Show Product Combo in Home page or Promo page

Cross-selling in WooCommerce

The majority of leading eCommerce retailers employ cross-selling tactics. For instance, Amazon’s “Frequently bought together” and “Customers who bought this item also bought” suggestions are extremely effective and reportedly generate as much as 50 percent of their revenue. Examples from other retailers include “Shop the look” and “You may also like” product suggestions.

The biggest pitfall with cross-selling in eCommerce is that you might upset a customer with irrelevant offers. Ensuring that you only promote the right products at the right time is key. The right products often means items that are necessary or compatible with whatever is in the customer’s shopping basket.

Cross-selling examples could be

  1. Suggesting to add HDMI cables if a customer is purchasing a HD ready DVD player.
  2. Prompting a customer who’s buying a pillow set to also add pillow covers.
  3. Showing top selling vinyl records to someone who’s about to purchase a vinyl player.
  4. A sales representative at an electronics retailer suggests that the customer purchasing a digital camera also buy a memory card.
  5. The cashier at a fast-food restaurant asks a customer, “Would you like fries with that?”

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