Soon Countdown Builder, Responsive WordPress Plugin 1.11.0

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Beautifully animated countdowns for everyone.

Soon allows you to create the most stunning countdowns your visitors have ever seen. Using the the embedded Visual Builder Soon has you configuring any countdown you want. Pick one of the 15 Preset Templates as a starting point or start from scratch and design your unique counter.

Soon will always look great, it is mobile friendly, fast and responsive and will automatically scale to the available space around it.

Soon is build using the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 techniques. With regular updates and new feature releases Soon keeps getting better and better.

Just contact me through my CodeCanyon profile, I’m happy to help you out with any questions or problems.

Soon ships with lots of options. The Visual Builder creates a clear overview of which options are available and directly updates and shows you a preview of your counter when you change their values.

“Incredible customer support for a very classy plugin. I went through half a dozen counters before settling on Soon and I have no regrets. Beautiful graphics are just icing on the cake!”

“Perhaps the best countdown timer plugin available. Has all the features you’d ever need from a plugin like this.. and then some.”

“Excellent plugin and support. HIGHLY recommended!”

“Works perfectly! thank you very much!”

“The best countdown timer we tested and we have tested lots of them. Plus, great support.”

“This countdown plugin does exactly what you expect. And it does so in an easy and elegant way. I’ve tried other countdown plugins, and this is by far the most user-friendly one. I’ve been able to choose my own colours, shapes and units. I contacted the developer with some minor issues and his response was fast and to the point. It was well worth paying for it!”

“incredibly easy and out of the box great designs to choose from. It was easy to modify the colors to match design of the website. Perfect widget! Highly recommend.”


Just drag the sliders, pick a color, choose a due date, and presto, you’ve created your first Soon Counter. It’s really as easy as that, save your counter and use it on any WordPress page.

Soon ships with 15 unique and responsive counter templates. You can use them as is, or tweak them to fit your style. All templates can be viewed on the Soon Live Preview landing page.

Soon is responsive and works on a wide range of modern mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. Soon will automatically measure the available space of the parent container and resize the different counters accordingly.

Soon contains 3 different clock faces. Flip, Matrix and Text. Each face has it’s own animations and customization options. Combined with the two visual styles there’s bound to be a configuration that suits your specific needs.

You can combine the 3 clock faces with 2 different progress visualisations. There’s a circular and a fill visualiser which each have rich customization and animation options.

JavaScript’s default timer will lag behind when it’s active for longer time periods. Soon contains a correction algorithm to make sure each second actually is a second.

Set duration mode to have Soon count down a fixed amount of minutes or seconds since page load. In day mode it will count to a certain time on a certain day of the week.

Set server time to make Soon synchronize with the server.

You can configure Soon to count down towards a date or count up since a date. Useful for counting time since an event.

If no due date is set, Soon will render a Clock instead of a countdown. Perfect for testing if Soon has been setup correctly.

All content wrapped by the Soon shortcode will be automatically hidden till the clock runs out.

You can choose between hiding, redirecting, showing content, or running scripts once the timer hits zero.

Each face and visual has it’s own animation options to make your counters look extra professional.

Still cool right?
Available for every counter type.

Visual Builder
Use the Visual Builder to build your own counters. Pick a preset or a blank canvas, select colours, counter types, fonts, sizes. Just copy and paste the resulting snippet and you’re ready to roll.

All labels Soon uses below the counters are customisable to your language or liking.

Animations & Special Effects
All Soons counters are animated. For instance the text counter can be tweaked with different animation types like slide, roll, twirl and fade. On top of these animations Soon brings reflections to the table.

Soon scales to the available space around it. It’s as simple as that. It does not matter where you place it, Soon will make sure it looks great.

JavaScript’s default timer will lag behind when it’s active for longer time periods. Soon contains a correction algorithm to make sure each second actually is a second.

There’s three different clock faces to choose from. Of course you’ve got your basic Text style, but there’s also the classic Flipper and as a bonus there’s the Dot Matrix counter. All three faces can be animated in various ways and have all kinds of ways to make them match your sites look and feel.

Easily create an awesome circular counter. Use solid colours, gradients, define counter direction and set the offset, length and width of the ring. There’s visual effects like glow and shadow plus the ring progress is animated.

Next to the ring you’ve got the option to select a background fill. This is sort of like a vertical, horizontal or diagonal progress bar. Animated and colours can be changed.

Due Modes
Soon comes with a wide range of countdown modes. Also, well tested support of timezones.

  • 2016—02-25 count down towards a date;
  • 2010—02-25 count up since a date;
  • in 2 hours count down a fixed amount of hours, minutes or seconds ;
  • at 12:30:15 count down repeatedly towards a time;
  • sunday at 10 count down repeatedly towards a time of day;

Pick between Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds and Milliseconds. The cascade feature allows you to move values between groups, so you can for instance count the total number of seconds till next year.

Server Time
You can set Soon to use the server time to do it’s calculations.


Browser Support

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • iOS
  • Android
  • IE10
  • IE9 (no animations)
  • IE8 (no animations, automatic fallback to text counter)

Note that the Visual Builder requires a modern browser to function, Chrome is advised.

Safari on Windows is no longer being maintained by Apple and therefor is currently not supported.


Will currently not work inside Revolution Slider.


  • WordPress plugin zip
  • Installation instructions

Version History

1.12.1 25-09-2018

  • Fix problem where loop mode would be restored correctly.

1.11.0 08-09-2017

  • add session based countdown mode for amount timers. To have counters use the same session give them the same session_id value in the shortcode.

1.9.1 24-11-2016

  • fixed problem where text direction would break certain settings in the editor

1.9.0 17-05-2016

  • added low resolution matrix clock version
  • fixed problem with invalid custom Google font family name

1.8.2 10-12-2015

  • fixes to internal soon library structure

1.8.1 25-11-2015

  • improved ring redraw method on resizing
  • improved ring initial drawing call
  • fixed problems with duration calculations

1.8 03-06-2015

  • Added fields to control and remove whitespace around counter
  • Added PHP function to manually create Soon counters “soon_echo($name,$content,$due,$since)”
  • Improved space available in Visual Builder interface
  • Fixed ‘get snippet’ button in Visual Builder, it is no longer shown when a preset is selected
  • Fixed javascript error in IE8

1.7.3 26-04-2015

  • fixed a bug where Soon would cause Internet Explorer to crash on WordPress 4.2.

1.7.2 25-03-2015

  • added get shortcode button to editor.

1.7.1 18-03-2015

  • added shortcode support for widgets area.
  • fixed problems with fill setting.
  • fixed flickering when inactive for long periods of time.

1.7 01-03-2015

  • added option to set date using shortcode property.
  • added fill option which makes Soon scale up the counter to fill all available space.
  • added ‘weeks’ and ‘months’ formats.
  • added ‘milliseconds’ format.
  • added more font presets to Visual Builder.
  • added option to set custom Google WebFont in Visual Builder.
  • added option to control the way Soon decides to hide counter groups on small screens.
  • improved timer algorithm.

1.6.2 11-02-2015

  • added shortcodes can now wrap other content and shortcodes, if so, this content will be shown once the timer runs out.
  • improved responsive behavior
  • fixed Opera 12 support

1.6.1 11-02-2015

  • fixed soon only rendering to the top of the page.
  • fixed soon not activating due to big media library.
  • fixed background-color opacity field.
  • fixed array syntax for PHP 5.3.x.

1.6 20-01-2015

  • initial release of WordPress version.
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