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Starmile is a multi-purpose blog theme focused entirely on monetization. It comes with unique affiliate elements like Shop the Post, Shoppable Images, Coupons, Favourite Products widgets and many others that will help increase your blog revenue.

Monetize Your Blog

It’s hard to monetize a blog if a theme doesn’t provide necessary tools for it. The Starmile was designed based on well-known and most profitable blogs on the web. As a result, it delivers the best and proven methods for making money online:

  • Affiliate Links
  • Ads
  • Coupons & Discount Codes
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Shop
  • Donations
  • Paid access for members
  • Podcasts
  • Mailing lists

Earn with Affiliate Links

Recommend your favourite products and earn a commission on any purchases visitors make through the affiliate links. In other words, you don’t even have to own products to make money online!

Supported sources:

  • Monetization platforms like ShopStyle Collective or Reward Style
  • WooCommerce

Possible locations:

  • On post collections
  • Inside sidebars with sticky option
  • After the post content
  • Before the main collection
  • Before the footer

Various types:

  • Shoppable Image
  • Shop the Post module
  • Shop with Me module
  • Products widget
  • Favourite Products widget
  • Affiliate Links widget

Shoppable Images

Shoppable images provide a way for users to shop products straight from your blog images. Images contain different hotspots with affiliate links to products. When user purchases a product, you get a commission.

  • Convert any Media Library image into a shoppable image
  • Add hotspots using easy to use drag & drop interface
  • Works with external links
  • Works with WooCommerce products
  • Add shoppable images wherever you want using shortcodes

Shop the Post module

It’s a product carousel at the bottom of a post (or on post collection) that showcases the products discussed in the post. Each time user purchases a product, you earn a commission.

  • Use one or multiple products
  • Create collection using easy to use drag & drop interface
  • Works with WooCommerce products
  • Works with embed codes (ShopStyle Collective, Reward Style etc)

Possible locations:

  • Inside post content
  • After post content
  • On post collections (only in some templates)

Shop with Me module

It’s a product carousel at the top or bottom of a site that showcases your most recommended products. Each time user purchases a product, you earn a commission.

  • Use one or multiple products
  • Create collection using easy to use interface
  • Works with WooCommerce products.
  • Narrow products with filters
  • Customize titles, labels and price visibility

Possible locations:

  • Before the home main collection
  • Before the footer

Affiliate widgets

Recommend products, shops, services, brands or experts using built-in widgets for affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate Links widget
  • Favourite Products widget to recommend products, shops, brands, services etc
Possible locations:
  • Inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Inside the footer

Make Money with Ads

Placing Google AdSense ad somewhere on your site is simple but it’s not enough nowadays. You won’t get expected revenue showing an ad at the end of your sidebar. You have to advertise in various places, in different formats nad forms.

Supported types:

  • Google AdSense
  • Content delivery platforms like Taboola, RevContent, Outbrain, etc
  • Image ad
  • HTML code
  • JavaScript code
  • and many more

20+ possible locations:

  • Automatically injected into post collections (lists, grid)
  • Inside slide up box
  • Inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Inside the post content:
    • Before content
    • After X paragraphs
    • After X images
    • In the middle of the content
    • Before the last paragraph
    • After content
  • Before the header theme area
  • Before the content theme area
  • After the Featured Posts section
  • Before the Main collection
  • Before the You may also like collection
  • Before the More from collection
  • Before the Comments section
  • Before the Don’t miss collection
  • and more

Need a custom ad location?

Ads are powered by our built-in AdAce plugin (no 3rd party dependencies).
You can use its API to create a custom ad location for your ads.

Earn with Coupons

Offer affiliate coupons and get a commission each time your visitors use them.

  • Customize coupons (name, validity period, image)
  • Put inside a single post content
  • Put wherever you like using shortcode
  • Show the Coupon Inside badge on post collections

Sell content with Sponsored Articles

Meet another way to monetize your site. Write an article about your sponsor’s product and earn on it.

  • Creating a sponsor is as easy as creating new post tag
  • Assigning a sponsor to a post is like assigning tags
  • Sponsor logo can be placed on top of a single post
  • Sponsor logo can be placed at the bottom of a single post


Start selling and make even more money with WooCommerce, the best e-commerce platform on the market.

  • Integration with the Shop the Post module
  • Integration with the Shop with Me module
  • Integration with the Favourite Products widget
  • Integration with the Shoppable Images module

Get donations with Patreon

The idea behind the Patreon platform is simple, you have a blog, your fans found it attractive and want to reward your hard work by donating with an amount of their choice.

Easy and quick set up:

  • Create a Patreon account in a minute
  • Put your Patreon url into theme options
  • That’s all, you’re ready to get donations

Possible locations:

  • Inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Before the Home main collection
  • Before the footer

Restrict exclusive content with paid member subscriptions

One of the most popular monetization method is based on paid posts provided among other free posts. Visitors can access some posts for free, to find out what type of content you deliver. But only members have access to paid posts with business tips and advice.

  • Require non-members to register/login to see restricted content
  • Decide what part of a post should be visible/hidden using shortcode
  • Show the Members only badge on post collections

Integration with paid, highly popular Restrict Content Pro plugin.

Earn with Podcasts

Podcasting is a way to promote and sell your sponsors’ (or your own) products or services. By creating podcasts and get more subscribers, you increase your chances for getting paid with donations.

Possible locations:

  • Inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Before the Home main collection
  • Before the footer

Supported sources:

  • Self-hosted audio file
  • SoundClound embed
  • Spotify embed
  • other audio embeds

Sell directly to users from mailing list

If you are involved with internet marketing you most likely have heard that “The Money is in the List”. Large email list is a key to start making money online and for long term internet marketing success.

Possible locations:

  • Exit intent popup
  • Slide up box
  • Menu drop-down
  • Before the main collection
  • Auto-injected into post collections (list, grid)
  • Inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Auto-injected after post content
  • Before the footer

Integration with free, highly popular MailChimp for WordPress plugin.

Build your brand

People like blogs run by authors they can identify with. Reveal your thoughts and interests, identify with name and you will build a loyal visitor (and potential customer) base. Do branding the right way with:

  • Big header option
  • Monogram or Small Logo
  • Hand Signature (via built-in generator)
  • Your face on newsletter form all across the site
  • Highlighted author comments
  • About Me widget

Social Media Profits

Social media, when used correctly, gives you more money-making opportunities than you might realize. Build up enough trust with your followers and they will be more inclined to check out your recommendations. Start using social media platforms with:

  • Big social share buttons with clear call to action
  • Big players first
  • Sticky sharebar
  • Image sharing
  • Social Comments Integration (Facebook, Disqus)

Possible locations:

  • Share buttons before post content
  • Share buttons after post content
  • Micro shares on images
  • Site’s social links in the header
  • Site’s social links inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Site’s social links in footer
  • Social comments (Facebook and Disqus) after post content

Built-in social widgets:

  • Facebook Page
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Social Icons

Easy to use

No matter if you are a beginner or WordPress ninja, you will find the theme very easy and intuitive to use. Every single element, module or UI control was made with simplicity in mind and you should be able to use them without necessity of looking up the documentation.

  • 10+ predefined demos to start with
  • One click demo installer
  • Quick start with the “One Post” demo
  • Preview changes immediately with Live Customizer
  • Drag & drop intuitive interfaces
  • Custom made Shop the Post control
  • Custom made Shoppable Image control
  • Change order of single post elements with drag & drop interface
  • Change order of footer modules with drag & drop interface
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Well documented

Easy to customize

Finding a theme with the exact design, layout and all the features you need can be a challenge. Starmile is the highly customizable WordPress theme that allows you to modify various elements and customize every single site aspect so it looks and functions the way you want.

Quick and easy start even for beginners:

  • Customize without touching the code
  • Preview changes immediately with Live Customizer
  • Get total control over single post page
  • Get total control over archive pages
  • Use boxed or full-width layout
  • Easily customize every font on the site
  • Change design with:
    • Different style stacks
    • Light and dark skins
    • Tons of color options

Customize the Header:

  • Upload desktop logo
  • Upload small version of logo or monogram (eg. for sticky header logo while scrolling)
  • Upload mobile logo
  • Upload footer logo
  • Retina version available for all logo types
  • Upload site icon
  • Use sticky header
  • Choose from 10 header compositions
  • Change colors
  • Use big header image
  • Show features entries

Customize the Homepage:

  • Customize the Features Posts section:
    • 12 templates to choose from
    • Filter by type
    • Filter by category and/or tag
    • Filter by time range
    • Hide/Show elements
  • Show Special Sections before the Main collection:
    • Podcast
    • Promoted Product
    • Promoted Products
    • Instagram
    • Patreon
  • Customize the Main post collection:
    • 10 templates to choose from
    • Different pagination types:
      • Previous & Next Pages
      • Load More
      • Infinite Scroll
    • Hide/Show most elements
    • Auto-inject ad into post collection
    • Auto-inject newsletter into post collection

Customize the Single Post:

  • 4 templates to choose from
  • Hide/Show elements
  • Reorder single post elements using drag & drop interface
  • Show sticky sharebar
  • Customize the pagination
  • Auto load next post
  • Use the You May Also Like section
  • Use the More From Like section
  • Use the Don’t Miss section

Customize the Archives:

  • Customize the Features Posts section:
    • 12 templates to choose from
    • Filter by type
    • Filter by category and/or tag
    • Filter by time range
    • Hide/Show elements
  • 3 header composition
  • Customize the Main post collection:
    • 10 templates to choose from
    • Different pagination types:
      • Previous & Next Pages
      • Load More
      • Infinite Scroll
    • Hide/Show most elements
    • Auto-inject ad into post collection
    • Auto-inject newsletter into post collection

Customize the Footer:

  • Show special sections:
    • Podcast
    • Newsletter
    • Promoted Product
    • Promoted Products
    • Instagram
    • Patreon
    • Affiliate Links
    • Social Media Links
  • Reorder footer sections using drag & drop interface
  • Adjust colors
  • Show Credits

Build with custom widgets:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Links
  • Favourite Products
  • Patreon
  • About Me
  • Posts
  • Social Icons
  • Facebook Page
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Well Thought Features

  • 100% responsive design
  • Retina ready
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • SEO optimized
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Optimized for Google PageSpeed (lazy loading of images and embeds)
  • Microdata (, rich snippets support
  • Translation ready
  • Full RTL support (right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew)
  • Support for multi page articles
  • Compatible with caching plugins (WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache)
  • Multi-site ready

Really Premium Product

  • Created by ThemeForest PowerElite Author
  • 1-click demo installation
  • 5-star support
  • Automatic, free theme updates
  • Always up to date online documentation
  • Comes with the child theme to allow you safe modifications

What’s Included

  • All demos
  • All necessary plugins
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • 6 months support – with the ability to extend it
  • Documentation

Need support?

Support for all our products is conducted through our support forum , where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, etc.


The photos used in our live preview are not a part of the demo content. All photos can be purchased from

VERSION 1.2.2 – 23 August 2018, minor update

# Fixed - Sticky widgets position

VERSION 1.2.1 – 22 August 2018, minor update

# Improved - YouTube player controls to remove suggested videos from a paused and ended video
# Improved - WooCommerce compatibility
# Improved - Setting separate ads per device
# Improved - Setting separate ads for AMP
# Improved - Option to add disclaimer for ads
# Improved - Groups in ads widgets
# Improved - Menu margins in header builder
# Improved - Sticky widgets

# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - Random ads don't work on widgets
# Fixed - AdSense JavaScript errors
# Fixed - Coupon copy button not working

VERSION 1.2 – 16 May 2018, major update

VERSION 1.2 - major update - 16 May 2018

# NEW - Header Builder
# NEW - Customizable Off-Canvas

# Improved - Option to limit number of items in post collections
# Improved - Allow to use shortcodes in the Must-Have widget

# Fixed - Sticky widgets don't work
# Fixed - Shoppable Image does't work on auto-loaded post
# Fixed - Hide ad / newsletter option on Home doesn't work
# Fixed - Credit requires an image
# Fixed - Oval social icons
# Fixed - Incorrect image size for the Promote Product
# Fixed - CSS bugs

VERSION 1.1 – 22 March 2018, major update

# NEW - AMP support

# Improved - Demo importer
# Improved - Collection ad can be repeated
# Improved - Collection newsletter can be repeated
# Improved - CSS loading system

# Fixed - Empty mobile menu
# Fixed - Post date can't be hidden on homepage
# Fixed - Timeout during import demo data

VERSION 1.0.2 – 16 March 2018, minor update

# Fixed - Instagram broken widget
# Fixed - Must Have widget escapes affiliate network (like ShopStyle Collective) code
# Fixed - Missing [adace_shop_the_post] shortcode
# Fixed - Image Sizes warnings
# Fixed - Minor CSS bugs
# Fixed - Missing structured data

VERSION 1.0.1 – 7 March 2018, minor update

# NEW - Option to upload retina version for all newsletter avatars
# NEW - Option to choose color schema and background color for modules

# Improved - Documentation updated

# Fixed - WordPress Popular Posts plugin broken query
# Fixed - Minor CSS bugs
# Fixed - Wrong loading of RTL files

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