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Got tired of manually updating your WooCommerce inventory? Start syncing!

Stock Synchronization lets you synchronize your WooCommerce inventory with your external inventory file. Synchronize your inventory by automatically updating your stock quantities from an external inventory file.

Update your stock inventory daily with Stock Synchronization and say goodbye to manually updating stock information!

Happy Syncing!

CSV Import

The plugin allows you to synchronize with an external CSV file. When your supplier or inventory system offer an CSV inventory list, you can now get them in sync. Works even when using credentials!

Price synchronization

Want to synchronize your product prices too? Simply update your product prices from the same CSV-file!

FTP, Dropbox,  Google Drive & Google Spreadsheets support

Keeping your stock information on FTP, Dropbox, Google Spreadsheets or Google Drive? Synchronization is no problem!

Stocksynchronization Premium

The new Stock Synchronization Premium service offers more speed, flexibility and accurancy:
  • Multi-Vendor support
  • External file handling, less load on your webserver
  • Timed cronjobs, custom time to sync



  • Import product stock information
  • Import product prices and/or alter the prices
  • Multi-Vendor support
  • Daily, twicedaily or hourly updates
  • Compatible with Variation Products
  • FTP-support
  • Dropbox support
  • Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets support
  • WPML support
  • Choose your delimiter (comma, semi-colon, bar or tab)
  • Supports large CSV-files
  • Feature to add up two quantity fields
  • Update only available products, set the rest to 0
  • External file handling for Speed Optimalization


1.6.4 Bug fix for 0 quantity products
1.6.3 Few bug fixes. Added option to remove leading 00's from SKU. Better memory usage.
1.6.2 Bug fix for database connection issues
1.6.1 Bug fix for log and saleprice
1.6.0 Major plugin update. Added Premium Service including multi-vendor support and external file handling
1.5.5 Error fix at manual synchronization
1.5.4 WPML and Google Drive bug fixes 
1.5.3 Bug fix for admin notice
1.5.2 Added functionality to disable the cronjobs. Multiple bug fixes. 
1.5.1 Bug fix for Run Now function.
1.5.0 Added Price Altering function. Added Product Reset function. Bug fix for sale price sync.
1.4.3 Added Incremend 2nd qty function. Bug fix for FTP support.
1.4.2 Bug fix for WPML support.
1.4.1 Added sale-price-synchronization. Added synchronization log. Deprecated error fix. Bug fixes.
1.4.0 Added price-synchronization. Added FTP-support. Added "Run now" button. Error fix. Bug fix for Tab. 
1.3.2 Bug fix for WPML support.
1.3.1 Added WPML support. Bug fix when the CSV file is on the same server.
1.3.0 Added compatibility for large CSV files. Choose Delimiter. Cleaned up settings page.
1.2.0 Added Dropbox & Google Drive support.
1.1.2 Bug fix for WooCommerce 3.0 update.
1.1.1 Bug fixes.
1.1.0 Added Variation Products Compatibility.
1.0.1 Added use for CSV-files without top rows.

* Premium Service only

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