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Bring “Todo” to Wordpress Plugin

Custom Wordpress Admin bar, menu, icons, colors and login page.

1: Colors

Change the admin colors

  • Use default colors
  • Change global colors
  • Change menu colors
  • Change bar colors

2: Admin bar

Change the admin bar on the top

  • Custom admin logo
  • Custom admin name
  • Hide admin name
  • Hide quick links

3: Menu

Rename/Remove the menu/submenu on the left

  • Rename menu/submenu title
  • Remove menu/submenu
  • Custom menu icons
  • Drag/drop to sort menu/submenu

4: Login page

Change the login page logo

  • Custom login page logo
  • Change login page background color
  • Change login page background image

5: Footer

Change admin footer text and version

  • Change footer text
  • Change footer version

6: Extra

  • Disable open-sans font from google webfont api
  • Use local open-sans fonts
  • Import/Export
  • Disable settings on sub sites

Change log

v.1.2.0—6 April 16

Add horizontal menu

v.1.1.1—24 March 16

Add main default color
Add more options on login page

v.1.1.0—10 March 16

Fix "No input file specified" on some server when using multisite. 

1.0.3—2 March 16

- Fix shorthands array error on < php5.4

1.0.2—13 February 16

- Add deactivate plugin and delete option
- Fix import/export array error
- Fix submenu sort error

1.0.1—6 February 16

- Add custom css on login page
- Add custom css/js on admin page


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