Unidash - WordPress Theme for University and Online Education 1.2.2

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The Most Flexible, Multi-purpose and Educational Wordpress Template

UNIDASH is the latest Wordpress template by CactusThemes, one of the only few Power Elite Authors from ThemeForest. The multi-purpose UNIDASH platform is specifically designed with educational institutes and online/offline teaching academics in mind.

As professional as it is sleek, clean and modern, this robust theme contains hundreds of configurable settings, allowing for a 100% responsive layout to be displayed perfectly on all mobile devices.

Build your next Lynda, Udemy, Coursera website

UNIDASH also contains an unlimited color combination with 12 pre-defined schemas, allowing for endless options when creating your perfect speaking/instructing or event organizing website…but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find that UNIDASH’s versatility is impeccably suited for showcasing your online courses, coaching, college, university and promotional service websites, such as RSVP or sales.

In addition, our fully trained support staff are here to answer all your questions regarding developing your websites, with a expertise in using any themes and plugins.

It’s time to grow your business with this incredibly powerful theme!

Unidash 1.1 update!

Full features list

  • For Online Courses/Education marketplaces or training sites
    • Support LearnDash – premium and popular LMS plugin
    • Support LearnPress – free best LMS plugin
    • with various layout and shortcodes
    • available for RSVP or selling courses
  • For Academic Centers, Universities, Colleagues
    • Built-in plugin: Cactus University
  • For Events organizers
    • Support The Events Calendar (free) and Events Calendar PRO by Modern Tribe – Create an events calendar and manage it with ease
    • Support Events Manager (free) by Marcus Sykes – full-featured event registration plugin for WordPress based on the principles of flexibility, reliability and powerful features
    • available for RSVP or selling tickets
  • Extended features for Course
    • Course Bundle/Program
    • Course Professors/Speakers/Instructors
    • University Department
    • University Certificate
    • University Campus
  • Multiple-purposes for
    • Online course marketplace like Udemy or Linda
    • Professional speakers or instructors
    • Coaching sites
    • Sport Clubs, Gym Centres, Event organizers
    • University and Colleagues
  • 30+ shortcodes and widgets
    • Hundreds of options
    • Various layouts
    • Fully responsive
    • Multiple purposes
    • Work with Visual Composer and Classic Editor
    • Many shortcodes Courses + Events
  • Built-in “Any Post Rating & Review” plugin – extend rating features for any post type
  • Built-in “Social Feed” plugin – fetch data from Twitter and Instagram in one gallery
  • Extensive Theme Options
    • Hundreds of settings to configure
  • Unlimited Colors combination with 4 pre-defined schemas
  • 10 header layouts for different purposes
  • 5 blog layouts for different tastes
  • Front-Page Template to build any layouts
  • Supports all kinds of post formats: Standard, Video, Gallery, Audio, Link
  • Sticky Menu, Side Menu, Canvas Menu
  • Ajax pagination
  • Responsive/Mobile Ready
  • W3C valid, RTL support, Multi-language ready
  • WP Bakery Page Builder included ($28)
  • Google Fonts + Font-Awesome Icons, Ionicons, BuddyIcons, …(1000+)
    • Choose from 1000+ font icons, that’s awesome and fancy!
  • 1 Click Install Demo Data
    • Install demo sites in minutes
  • Made by CactusThemes – Power Elite Author
  • Premium and dedicated support – 4,5 stars rating
  • Support Events Manager (available in 1.1
  • Support WooCommerce (available in 1.1
  • Support BuddyPress (available in 1.1)
  • Support BBPress (available in 1.1)

Release Logs

  • Unidash 1.2.2 – 2020/03/30
    including Visual Composer 6.1;
    • #Fix RSPV Now button
    • #Fix conflict with “Ïf Menu” plugin
    • #Fix Smooth scroll library
    • #Fix publish date in page Learndash courses lising
    • #Fix Sample data plugin
  • Unidash 1.2.1 – 2019/08/20 including Visual Composer 6.0.5
    • #Fix Fatal error when turn off Course Tags – Learndash
    • #Fix Event page bugs
    • #Fix Theme Option -> LearnDash -> Course listing layout issues
    • #Fix 4th menu level not show
    • #Fix Front page display
  • Unidash 1.2.0 – 2019/06/10
    • #Fix Compatible with php 7.3
  • Unidash 1.1.9 – 2019/04/16
    • #Fix auto learndash auto complete lession for style fullwidth
    • #Fix Tribe event
  • Unidash 1.1.8 – 2019/02/19
    includes Unidash-Course-Bundle 1.0.3; Visual Composer 5.7
    • #Add Option fro learndash currency symbol
    • #Add Theme support Woocommerce zoom, light box, slider
    • #Fix Custom font size
    • #Fix Asset url
  • Unidash 1.1.7 Date: 2018/12/19
    includes Unidash-Course-Bundle 1.0.2; Visual Composer 5.6
    • #Fix Theme Option
    • #Fix Course closed button
    • #Update Compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • Unidash 1.1.5 – 2018/10/25
    includes Visual Composer 5.5.5 plugin
    • #Add: link to course thumbnail in learndash course archive
    • #Add: option control page header: color, font-size
    • #Add: Show/hide in Theme Option
    • #Add: Option cotrol event position in Theme Option
  • Unidash 1.1.4 – 2018/10/01
    • #Add: Sent link reset password for popup form
    • #Add: Mini cart header 1,3,4,5
    • #Add: Mobile header
    • #Add: Option turn of sidebar on 404 page
    • #Add: Comment tab on Learndash single lession
    • #Fix: Mini cart for header 1,2,3
  • Unidash 1.1.3 – 2018/09/06
    includes cactus-sample-data plugin
    • #Add: cactus sample data plugins for One Click installation
    • #Add: control header height in Theme Option
    • #Fix: cource listing students enrolled
    • #Fix: Learnpress course category page title
    • #Fix: memberpress recurring price
    • #Fix: woocommerce price
  • Unidash 1.1.2 – 2018/07/12
    includes any-post-rating-review-1.0.1
    • #Update: option logged to review && need enroll to review
    • #Update: option show all || private for review listing
    • #Update: avatar & title for anonymous review
    • #Fix: course wp-video
    • #Fix: course enroll
    • #Fix: review display index
  • Unidash 1.1.1 – 2018/06/15
    includes Unidash-Core 1.1.1
    • #Update: Course Properties support HTML code
    • #Fix: various bugs
  • Unidash 1.1 – 2018/06/01
    includes Unidash-core 1.1; Unidash-Member 1.0.1; Unidash-Course-Bundle 1.0.1; Unidash-Child theme 1.0.1
    • #Update: add FullWidth layout and Popup layout for LearnDash Lesson
    • #Update: support WooCommerce
    • #Update: support BuddyPress
    • #Update: support MemberPress
    • #Update: support Events Manager
    • #Update: support RTL
    • #Fix: various bugs
  • Unidash 1.0 – First Release – 2018/05/09

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