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For demo please visit https://www.letspush.co/wp-admin

Free WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Notifications

Web Push Notifications also called Browser Push Notifications are clickable messages that can be sent from a website to its user even without knowing their email or any other contact information. These notifications are delivered in real-time, even when the user is not browsing your website.

Letspush Web Push Notification Plugin allows admin to send push notification messages to its subscribed users. You can send custom message, market your product or send any updates about your website to your visitors

Key Features :

  • Wordpress Notifications
    • Notify user when new post is published
    • Supports custom post type
    • Send custom notification

  • WooCommerce Notifications
    • Notify users when new product adds
    • Notify users when product price drops
    • Notify users when sale price adds
    • Notify users when product is back in stock
    • Notify user for abandoned cart
    • Notify admin for low stock
    • Notify admin for new order

  • BuddyPress Notifications
    • Notify user when a member mention in an update @username
    • Notify user when a member replies to an update or comment
    • Notify user when new message received
    • Notify user when new friend request received
    • Notify user when friend request accepted

  • Welcome Notification
  • Custom Notification
  • Scheduled Notification
  • Customizable Opt-in Prompt
  • Test before send
  • Notification and subscriber Logs
  • Easy to use & responsive admin panel


  • Unlimited notifications and subscribers
  • Instant subscribers and notification report
  • No subscription or monthly fees
  • No signup needed
  • No firebase account required
  • No third party SDKs

Supported Browsers

Supported Operating System


Letspush Web Push Notification required HTTPS and GMP extension.






Please send your queries, suggestions and feedback at https://www.letspush.co/contact/


PHP 7.2+ is recommended for better performance


1. iOS and Safari does not support web push notifications

2. The push library used in this plugin is resource intensive. So when you have many thousands of subscribers and send push to all subscribers, your server may slow down. To avoid this you may need an additional server that will be used to send push notifications

Change Log

/**2022.01.08 **/
- Push library updated

/**2021.08.29 **/
- Fix scheduled post notification URL issue

/**2021.08.05 **/
- Added debug functionality

/**2021.04.30 **/
- Added compatibility for Super PWA Plugin

/**2021.04.26 **/
- Fixed: WooCommerce {order_id} and {order_total} attributes for New Order

/**2021.04.15 **/
- Improved: Service Worker file and add new option to Auto-hide notification (true/false)
- Fixed: Single notification appears multiple time in the notification stats page

/**2021.02.08 **/
- Fixed: Bug assosiated with re-subscription

/**2020.11.22 **/
- Fixed: Bug assosiated with scheduled notifications

/**2020.10.27 **/
- Fixed: Special Character issue in the notification

/**2020.10.04 **/
- Updated: Push library to speed up the process of sending push notification

/**2020.07.10 **/
- Fixed: BuddyPress URL issue

/**2020.04.26 **/
- Added: New options for woocommerce

/**2020.04.03 **/
- Improved: Layout for new version

/**2019.10.06 **/
- Added: Option to clean database (clear notification history)
- Improved: Performance to send push notification

/**2019.05.27 **/
- Added: Support for Classic Editor plugin for wordpress 5

/**2019.04.23 **/
- Added: Notification stats page

/**2018.12.09 **/
- Improved: Performance to send bulk notifications

/**2018.12.05 **/
- Added: Pagination in subscribers page
- Improved: Admin layout for mobile screen

/**2018.10.23 **/
- Added: Feature for WooCommerce 
- Added: Welcome Notification
- Added: Support for custom post type

/**2018.09.04 **/
- Added: Feature for BuddyPress 

/**2018.08.07 **/
- Initial Release

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