Windsor - Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Theme 1.8.5

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Modern Apartment Complex / Single Property Real Estate WordPress Theme V 1.8.4

Windsor – stylish contemporary Real Estate WordPress Theme. It is a splendid & modern solution for a newly built apartment complex, office center or rent house. You can use the theme to sell single property object or modify it as a corporate page for real estate agency bureau or firm.

Also It is great for brokerage agent services, rental business, residence realtor, residential & commercial developers, building company, realestate amenities, construction company, shop, store.

We are sure, the theme will go beyond the scopes of your initial expectations and provide more features than you could imagine.

Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress plugins

Windsor is made compatible with WPBakery Page Builder (aka Visual Composer, which we think is better than Elementor).

Windsor is compatible with Woocommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress to create forums and discussions between your visitors, and many other premium plugins. As a free addition, we have integrated the theme with the ThemeREX Addons plugin.

Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress layout

Right after you activate plugins, you will noticeably expand the theme options, e.g you will add 12 new widgets, CV Card functionality, image optimization option and much more! The theme features pop-up menu and side-scroller that is very useful when switching between page’s sections.

Our Customers’ Reviews

Windsor Key Features

  • Gutenberg compatible
  • GDPR Framework WP Plugin included
  • Professional design
  • Easy to install, run and update!
  • Modern, Flexible, Customizable!
  • WordPress 4.0+ Tested and Approved!
  • Built with valid HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE11+
  • One-Click demo install
  • Layout Features:
    • Boxed and Wide pages layouts
    • WPBakery Page Builder support – create unlimited variants of Homepage Layouts
    • Different Header Styles
    • Enable/Disable Multi-Functional User Panel
    • Many awesome Hover Effects
    • Fully Responsive Layout
    • Enable/Disable Retina Option
  • Slider Options:
    • Includes Swiper Slider for posts and galleries
    • Includes Revolution Slider as Home slider
  • Navigation Options:
    • User menu and Main menu support
    • Awesome CSS3/jQuery animation effects
  • Powerful Framework:
    • Setting Inheritance and Override System
    • Shortcode Builder
    • WPBakery Page Builder
    • Custom Theme Options Panel
    • Media Content Manager
    • WooCommerce ready
    • Optimized for best performance
    • ...and many more!
  • Plugins Compatibility:
    • Gutenberg
    • GDPR Framework WP
    • Sliders: Swiper Slider, Revolution Slider
    • WPBakery Page Builder
    • WPML
    • Essential Grid
    • Events Calendar
    • BuddyPress
    • bbPress
    • ThemeREX Addons
    • WooCommerce
  • Custom Widgets Set
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Interactive Ajax Search mechanism
  • Two variants of icon display: Fontella Icon set and Images Icons
  • Google web fonts
  • Performance Optimization
  • Great Professional Support
  • Documentation included
  • Regular Updates
  • And many more that we might have forgotten to mention


Jorgen Grotdal – a wonderful graphic artist!

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Images used in live preview are not included in the template.

How our customers customize Windsor

Les Daillettes Balcons de Pully

Andres Lamas

Change log

01.06.2020 Version 1.8.4 – Update

- Compatibility with WordPress 5.4x is improved; 
- Compatibility with PHP 7.4 is improved;
- Compatibility with ThemeREX Updater plugin is added;
- Compatibility with Elegro Crypto Payment is added;
- Theme styles are improved;
- All plugins are updated to their latest versions

14.10.2019 Version 1.8.3 – Update

- Compatibility with WordPress 5.2x is added; 
- Fefault contact forms are replaced with Contact Form 7;
- Custom functions are erplaced with WP functions;
- LightBox is added for images in Widget Slider Shortcode;
- Theme styles are improved;
- All plugins are updated to their latest versions

02.05.2019 Version 1.8.2 – Update

- Compatibility with WordPress 5.1x is added; 
- Compatibility with PHP 7.3 is improved;
- Compatibility with Woocommerce 3.5 is improved;
- JS libraries are updated;
- Theme styles are improved;
- All plugins are updated to their latest versions

26.12.2018 Version 1.8.1 – Update

- Menu in Internet Explorer browser is fixed; 
- PHP 7.2 optimization is added;
- Envato WordPress Toolkit is removed.

26.07.2018 Version 1.8 – Update

- Checkboxes to default contact forms ar added, to make forms GDPR-compliant;
- GDPR Framework plugin is added;
- Gutenberg compatibility is added;
- Validation for comments is fixed;
- Styling is improved;
- All plugins are updated to their latest versions.

07.05.2018 Version 1.7 – Update

-  Added:  
       - New Homepage (Home 2);
       - Compatibility with the plugin 'Contact Form 7';
       - Brown color scheme;
       - Option to show/hide featured image on single service posts;
       - "Item height" option for Action Shortcode to set height for every element;
       - Link Target (link_target) parameter for Action Shortcode to open link in new window;
- Fixed: 
       - Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3+;
       - Compatibility with WordPress 4.9+ ;
       - Compatibility with PHP 7;
       - Bug with setting background image for Title and Breadcrumbs section on Shop page; 
- Changed: 
       - Button in Default style for Promo Shortcode is replaced with a button in Modern style.

24.11.2017 Version 1.6.3 – Update

-  Plugins included in the theme are updated to their latest versions.

25.07.2017 Version 1.6.2 – Update

-  Plugins are updated; 
 - Dummy data import is fixed

25.04.2017 Version 1.6.1 – Update

-  Priority of the child-theme stylesheet loading is changed;
-  Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0+ is improved

24.04.2017 Version 1.6 – Update

- Featured images loading in the 'Chess' mode with 'Infinite scroll' and 'Load more' functionality is fixed;
- Header/footer behavior in the 'Header Under' mode is improved;
- Post views counter's initialization is fixed;
- Bug with an external link in the anchor in the side menu navigation is fixed;
- Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0+ is added;
- Plugins included in the theme are updated to their latest versions.

27.10.2016 Version 1.5 – Update

- Product's excerpt output in the WooCommerce loop in the mode 'list' is fixed;
- Product categories output in the WooCommerce loop is improved;
- Problem with the 2+ pages in the 'partial installation' is fixed;
- Plugins included in the theme are updated to their latest versions.

14.10.2016 Version 1.4 – Update

- Custom font-face loading is fixed;

10.10.2016 Version 1.3 – Update

- Google structured data support is improved;
- All file operations are now performed using the WP_Filesystem class; 
- A new demo-content installation type is added - 'Partial installation';
- Only pages, forms, and sliders will be installed without removing existing contents.

22.09.2016 Version 1.2 – Update

- Time difference support in the post's and comment's date is added;
- Tribe Events mobile layouts are improved; 
- Plugin 'Envato Wordpress Toolkit' is added. Switch between purchased themes and update them in one click! 
- Plugins included in the theme are updated to their latest versions.

30.08.2016 Version 1.1 – Update

- WooCommerce support is added; 
- Stretch side menu behavior is improved; 
- Theme responsive is improved;
- Plugins included in the theme are updated to their latest versions.

27.08.2016 Version 1.0 – Release

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