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Key Features

WooCommerce Product Table plugin is a useful extension for ecommerce and online store websites designed by Wordpress. This plugin can make a huge change on the appearance of online shopping website.

By Woocommerce product table plugin, managing every feature of products for store manager is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee. There is no need to spend a lot of time to list your products or change the variables in every single page.

There is a lot of amazing options to customize and control how products could be displayed for the customers.

It is now possible to manage the way of payment and to make it easier for customers to buy different kind of products and pay for them just by some simple clicks.

This WooCommerce plugin is definitely the specific extension that you need to increase your sales in any ecommerce website by making a good experience for customers to buy anything from your site.


This is what your customers think about your online store by organizing your products with

“WOOCOMMERCE PRODUCT TABLE PLUGIN” Why WooCommerce Product Table plugin?

This is the best solution for increasing the sales in your ecommerce website.

By this plug in, the classic appearance of Woocommerce stores can be converted to a whole new and enjoyable layout which can make your web-store products easy to access. The main features: Columns

Columns are the most important part of this plugin.

You can customize how to display any features of the products in the columns. This is like a game. You are free to choose the way that you want to show the products.

By adding taxonomy, variables and even custom fields, there is no limitation for you to make the features in any order as you wish. Query

Query makes it even easier for you as a store manager to display a group of products with specific features.

A lot of various fields have been designed in the Query of WooCommerce Product Table plugin to help you dividing your products with special features.

By Categories, Custom taxonomy, On-sale products, Price Range and many other options, it is up to you, how to make an amazing and enjoyable product table.


Search box is a sensible structure to make a customer-friendly look for your product table.

Finding and filtering the products could never been easier for customers. This is the most powerful feature of WooCommerce Product Table plugin that encourages your customers to buy more products in a short time.

Pagination is another useful option to help your customer check the product in some different pages or just by loading more in the same page. Template

The appearance of your ecommerce website is like the vitrine of your store.

To attract customers and encourage them to investigate different part of your websites, you have to pay attention to the way that your online store look likes.

In WooCommerce Product Table plugin, attractive templates are available to help you make a distinctive appearance.

This is not the end of story! More options are waiting for you as the manager of the online shopping center to change any part of the product table appearance exactly according to your customer taste.

By choosing “Add new template”,

Every single part of the table is in your hand.

You can change:

- Text color,

- Background color,

- Thumbnail images,

- Pop ups,

- Color of categories

- And many other items.

Let your creativity make an astonishing online store! Setting

You have access to many practical settings in this section. By the following options:

- Product Options

- Mini Cart Options

- Other Options

You can adjust some important details to make shopping even simpler for your digital customers. Localization

This is an extra option in WooCommerce Product Table plugin for translating the text of every field in the table.

Your online store is not limited to one language, you can sell your products to all customers from everywhere in the world.

Make a close and direct connection with your customers is the key of boosting your sales by localization your ecommerce website. What are the advantages of WooCommerce Product Table plugin compared to other plugins? Better price

Flexibility, excellent features, customization and the most important “an affordable price”, make This plugin, the first choice of any store manager of online shopping website.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin has the best price compared to other plugins. Boosting your sales and increasing your profit is guaranteed by purchasing this useful plugin. Amazing performance

There is no limit for you in organizing every part of your product table. You can enjoy the amazing performance of this WooCommerce plugin in so many options that are available for customizing your online store.

- Adding as many columns as you want,

- Showing any details for your products,

- Displaying add to cart button in the table,

- Changing the design of product tables

- And customizing the cart option and the way of payment

Are just some of the various and complementary options designed in this plugin for you to enhance the efficiency of your ecommerce website. Customer-friendly

Customer-friendly is the best way to describe the features of WooCommerce Product Table plugin. There is no better plugin for changing the order style of the products in the online shopping websites.

The followings are the most important features of the plugin that make a customer friendly experience for your visitors:

- Custom searching and filtering in the search box,

- Selecting a group of products and add them to the cart,

- Observing all features of products in the tables without any need to open the product page

- Choosing the product variables directly from the table,

- Opening the large picture of each products in the table, Versatile

This WooCommerce plugin is so versatile that all kinds of the ecommerce website can take the most advantages of it.

- Are you selling music albums or food?

- Do you want to show a bunch of cloths or jewelry to your customers?

- Have you made an online store for selling home appliances?

- Do you have an online store for selling many different kinds of mobile or laptop?

The result of using WooCommerce Product Table plugin is the same:

Making a customer-friendly appearance > Boosting your sales Responsive

By using WooCommerce Product Table plugin, shopping from the product tables in the mobile phone is also possible for your customers. All product tables are well-adjusted to the mobile screens as well as Pc’s or lap top’s.

This is an amazing way to impress your customers. How this plugin could boost your sales on ecommerce websites?

If you cannot earn enough money from your online store or none of your marketing strategies have positive effect on attracting customers to boost your sales, it is better to make an impression change on the appearance of your ecommerce website.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin can help you to make such a change in displaying your products that definitely have an absolute effect on improving your productivity of selling products.

This brilliant plug in can make a better experience of customers by

1. Display WooCommerce products as a table

2. Search and Filter products

3. Easily access to the cart from everywhere on the screen

4. Add as many items as they wish to the cart at the same time

5. See Thumbnail shape

6. Choose variations in action column

7. Useful Group add to cart option What are the amazing features of the plugin for store manager?

If as a store manager of an ecommerce website, you are looking for a plugin to

1. Fully customize your product tables on the online store

2. Add any features to your product tables

3. Use shortcode

4. Set Pagination or load more option

5. Change your layout easily

Don’t hesitate to purchase and install WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

This is the best plugin has been ever published to help you have a full control on managing the list of products. Is WooCommerce Product Table plugin compatible with other plugins?

Compatibility is definitely one of the main features of a good plugin. If you are looking for a remarkable plugin among others for your online store, there is no doubt that this plugin is the best choice because it is compatible with

1. Yith quick view

2. Yith wishlist plugin

Which are the most useful and popular plugins for ecommerce websites.

By installing WooCommerce Product Table plugin along with Yith quick view and Yith wishlist plugin, customers are more attracted to what you are offering in the shopping website and they are also able to share them from the plugin’s settings screen.

Encourage your customers not only to buy the products from your website, but also share their enjoyable experience with their friends and recommend your online shopping website as a professional one by this plugin. Conclusion

Using WooCommerce Product Table plugin can convert the classic look of your ecommerce website to a customer-friendly and highly-function appearance.

As we already mentioned, when your customers see the necessary details of products in a tabular pattern, they can have a more pleasant experience from buying anything from your online store.

The recommended plugin is the key of making your online shopping store different from your competitors.

The enjoyable shopping experience for your customers can boost your sales and enhance the revenues.

By WooCommerce Product Table plugin you can turn a potential customer to an active buyer!

Change Logs:

Version 1.8.1 Release Date 30.12.2020

Version 1.8.1 Release Date 30.12.2020
Fixed Show Out of Stock Products
Fixed External/Affiliate product link
Fixed Pagination when Product Table was override on Shop/Archive Pages
Fixed Optimize Inline CSS
Fixed Sort by Price
Fixed Quantity is not clickable in Mobile
More Details:

Version 1.8.0 Release Date 07.12.2020
Added Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor
More Details:
Version 1.7.1 Release Date 16.11.2020
Fixed Filter by Category & Taxonomy in Front-End
Version 1.7.0 Release Date 27.10.2020
Added Compatible with WooCommerce Side Cart (Ajax) Plugin
Version 1.6.0 Release Date 30.09.2020
Added Compatible with Yith WooCommerce Products Compare Plugin
Version 1.5.1 Release Date 13.09.2020
Fixed Display Description/Excerpt
Version 1.5.0 Release Date 01.09.2020
Added Compatible with Wootheme WooCommerce Products Compare Plugin
Version 1.4.0 Release Date 18.08.2020
Added Enable/Disable Category/Tag link to archive page
Added Search Form Toggle (Always show search form)
Fixed Fetch new column in edit form
Version 1.3.0 Release Date 10.08.2020
Added Compatible with Wootheme Woocommerce Brands Plugin
Added Compatible with Yith Woocommerce Brands Plugin
Added Compatible with iThemeland Woocommerce Brands Plugin
Added Compatible with Most of Custom Taxonomies available for WooCommerce
Version 1.2.0 Release Date 29.07.2020
Added Compatible with TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin
Version 1.1.1 Release Date 08.07.2020
Fixed ACF plugin compatibility issues
Version 1.1.0 Release Date 30.06.2020
Added Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) plugin
Version 1.0.6 Release Date 22.06.2020
Fixed Currency Symbol issue
Fixed Responsive in Mobile
Version 1.0.5 Release Date 06.06.2020
Fixed Order by some Fields
Fixed Session's issues
Added Copy shortcode to Clipboard
Added Choose image size
Version 1.0.4 Release Date 05.13.2020
Added Override shop page and archive page with product table
Fixed Display Attribute column data
Fixed Some Localization
Fixed Taxonomy/Category Multi-Select Issue
Fixed Display name of attributes in Variation Popup
Fixed Add to Cart issue
Update POT file
Version 1.0.3 Release Date 04.29.2020
Fixed Display name of attributes in Variation Popup
Fixed Add to Cart issue
Fixed Issue in WordPress Multisite
Version 1.0.2 Release Date 04.13.2020
Fixed Responsive scroll issue
Fixed some CSS issue.
Version 1.0.1 Release Date 03.25.2020
Fixed Some CSS issues.
Added Delete column on column manager.
Version 1.0 Release Date 03.01.2020


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