WordPress Shortcode Plugin v1.1.5 (Dec 16, 2019)

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v1.1.5 (Dec 16, 2019)
- Fixed styling conflict with the Rank Math SEO plugin
- Fixed a couple of PHP notices

Files updated:
- assets/admin/css/wp-shortcode-admin.css
- includes/admin/class-wp-shortcode-admin-options.php
- includes/class-wp-shortcode-settings.php

v1.1.4 (Mar 20, 2019)
- Fixed conflict with elementor

Files updated:
- includes/admin/class-wp-shortcode-admin.php

v1.1.3 (Jan 8, 2019)
- Fixed resource loading over HTTP

Files updated:
- includes/admin/class-wp-shortcode-admin.php

v1.1.2 (Nov 19, 2018)
- Removed auto adding br tags in clipboard shortcode

v1.1.1 (Nov 18, 2018)
- Removed extra bottom margin from .wps-shortcode-wrapper class

v1.1.0 (Oct 31, 2018)
- Fixed styling issues in the multiple shortcodes
- Fixed JS error if countdown is expired
- Fixed '+' sign styling in the accordion shortcode
- Added New Update Process

v1.0.2 (Jun 07, 2018)
- Fixed Rank Math duplicate field issue

Files updated:
- includes/class-wp-shortcode-settings.php

v1.0.1 (May 10, 2018)
- Made plugin compatible with Beaver Builder Plugin.

Files updated:
- assets\admin\css\wp-shortcode-admin.css
- assets\admin\js\wp-shortcode-admin.js
- includes\admin\class-wp-shortcode-admin-system-info.php
- includes\admin\class-wp-shortcode-admin.php

v1.0.0 (May 07, 2018)
- Plugin released.
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