Floaton - WordPress Floating Button & Support Chat All In One 2.2.1

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The New Messaging Plugin for WordPress

Demo URL: https://demo.ninjateam.org/wp-support-all-in-one/


- All-in-One Messaging Button will be displayed neatly at the bottom right corner of your page
- When clicked or tapped, 9 IM app buttons will be shown. You can use Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Line, Viber, Snapchat.
- It’s not only convenient but also encouraging in making your visitors get in touch with you
- You get their contacts in your database for later promotion campaigns

If you’re looking for an advanced versatile plugin for IM support, look no further. You got it all here.

We all know the popularity of smartphone ownership and emerging mobile devices like Smartwatches. So, the winner in this race would be the one who starts collecting mobile user contacts FIRST!

Because we learn from statistics experts to understand how consumers behave when using different types of mobile devices and what their preferences are. Now we give it all to you.

Your audience contacts, behaviors and interests are now in your hand. The ideas of retargeting campaigns and expanding your customer base now become clear in your mind.

We design the tappable instant messaging icons with the smoothest effects. No more selecting, copying & pasting. Your visitors are gonna enjoy it!

Interacting and networking with your audience, clients, contributors, etc. now become quick, easy and more effective than ever.

Chatbots for Messenger and Whatsapp are out there ready to be created and trained. Now it’s your turn to study your customers and build your own AI.

Who is WP Support All-in-One perfect for?

  • Brands
  • Market Research Companies
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Schools/Universities
  • Online Stores
  • E-learning Centers
  • Political Campaigns
  • Dating Sites
  • Forums
  • Hobbies/Interest Groups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • International Student Exchange Programs




Apr 28, 2021 – Version 2.2.1

- Fixed: Error with "+" sign in WhatsApp phone number

Jul 2, 2021 – Version 2.2

- Added: Custom App

Mar 26, 2021 – Version 2.1

- Added: New UI

Mar 17, 2021 – Version 2.0 – BIG UPDATE

- Added: Telegram, Skype
- Added: New option for redirect without popup
- Added: Display settings, design settings
- Added: Live preview
- Added: Support RTL
- Improved: UI
- Fixed: Some bugs

May 15, 2020 – Version 1.2.3

- Fixed: Error with LINE

Apr 21, 2020 – Version 1.2.2

- Added: Some translations

Apr 3, 2020 – Version 1.2.1

- Added: File .pot for translation

Mar 4, 2019 – Version 1.2

- Added: Change icon
- Fixed: Small bugs

Jan 4, 2019 – Version 1.1

- Improved: Documentation
- Fixed: Slider Conflict
- Fixed: Small bugs

Feb 24, 2017 – Version 1.0

Initial Release

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