WP Media File Manager - WordPress Media Library Folders/Categories Upload Plugin 1.2.3

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If you are interested in the media library folders plugin that works with physical folders, we are highly recommend using X4 Media Library for WordPress which works directly with the contents of /wp-content/uploads on your server.


WP Media File Manager helps to organize WordPress Media Library into folders hierarchy easily using drag&drop interface. It is most powerful WordPress File Manager plugin on CodeCanyon.

You don’t even need to create folders manually. Our enhanced media library plugin allows you to upload directories with thousands of files directly from your PC’s file manager to website. Plugin automatically creates all the same folders hierarchy.

Do you like to have the same file into multiple folders? No problem, now you have a real media library plugin that provides this cool feature. Create any count of file shortcuts, because they don’t consume any physical space of your hard disk.

You can’t upload files with specific file types and don’t know how to configure wordpress media library to do that? Now you can easily do that with WP Media File Manager, no need to download and install additional plugins.



Drag’N’Drop Interface

Organize your files and folders easily using drag&drop interface. Move them one by one or enable “Bulk Select” mode to select multiple items and move them at once.

Shortcuts Of Files

Have the same file in multiple folders without making a physical copy on the disk, just hold Ctrl key when you move the file to another folder using drag&drop interface.

Deep Search In Folders

Just open needed folder and type text into search input field. Plugin automatically searches files and folders into selected folder and all its subfolders.

Upload Nested Folders

Drag&drop folders from your PC directly to Media Library and you have the same folders hierarchy created automatically. (don’t work in WP 4.3 and older, and in IE browser)

Upload To Specific Folder

Don’t have organized folders on your PC? Organize them in Media Library easily! Create folders and upload files from PC directly to specific folders.

Upload Progress

Beautiful upload progress popup window that show both specific file upload progress and total upload progress. Pause and cancel uploading at any time.

3rd Party Compatible

Did you see “Add Media” button when you create a new post? This plugin is compatible with any theme and plugin at any place where this button is used, including WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Divi Builder etc.

Sliders & Carousels

No sense to put everything into one plugin. But you can use any popular slider/carousel plugin you like, just open specific folder and select all the files inside using Shift key.

Available File Types

For better security, WordPress allows you to only upload the most commonly used file types. Now you can break this rule and manually manage the list of allowed file types.

Multisite Support

You can activate plugin Network Wide and configure upload settings for all sites at one place. At the same time each site has its own folders and files directory.

Regenerate Thumbnails

If you changed default thumbnail sizes you can easily apply this changes to already exist images. Regenerate thumbnails for only selected files or regenerate them for whole library at once.

24/7 Premium Support

All the time except sleep our team is sitting at the computers to help you resolve issues. Your great ideas help us to improve this plugin every day. Thank You!

Free Updates For Live

Buy this plugin one time and see how we grow every day adding new features. All of that is for you and we never charge you again to have this cool stuff on your website.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don’t like this plugin by some reason just let us know and we refund 100% cost without questions. At this time, nobody did so

Try Before You Buy

Test all the features described above on the live preview website with WP Media File Manager plugin installed. You have full access to Media Library where you can upload your files.




  • -autoselecting images after uploading


  • - fixed bug with Gutenberg builder


  • - fixed bug with uploading and deleting files


  • - added support for Elementor page build


  • - fixed issue with woocommerce compatibility


  • - fixed issue with slideshow overview popup


  • - fixed issue with adding new file mime types


  • - fixed issue with glob require php files


  • - fixed some small issues in the code


  • - fixed issue with drag&drop functionality


  • - added new feature – Restrict access to folders and files by owner
  • - fixed some bugs


  • - fixed issue with creating WooCommerce image gallery


  • - added compatibility with new WordPress 4.8
  • - added new feature – sorting folders & files
  • - fixed small issue with wide screens


  • added compatibility with Ultimate VC Addons plugin


  • fixed small bugs in intergating with Visual Composer and Divi Builder


  • added settings popup
  • added file types settings page
  • added compatibility with Isotope Gallery plugin


  • added creating file shortcuts feature
  • support for WP 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
  • support for IE browser



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