WPML Redirect Based on IP Country 1.8

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WPML Redirect based on IP Country let’s you show content that your users understand!

The much needed feature for WPML:redirect by IP location (instead of browser language).

How is this different from the WPML browser detection option?

Instead of checking the browser language, we do check the real location by address! Browser language can be erroneous as some people living in Spain can have their browser in English and it’s not relevant!

How WPML Redirect Based on IP Address Works?

When visitor enters your website, we automatically detect the country based on IP address ( instead of browser language ).

There are two action types
  • Notification Message – shows a popup with “Hello { COUNTRY }” and your customized message along with “show content in my language” and “no thanks” links
  • Redirect without notice – automatically switches the language for your visitor

Fully configurable – at your control!

  • Setup popup texts & translate them as well ( with WPML )
  • Configure OK & CANCEL button colors
  • Setup mappings ( which language to show for which country)

Become relevant to your visitors today! Purchase WPML Redirect Based on IP

No caching please! No refunds will be provided if you don’t read this: thanks for acknowledging and accepting there’s no way to use geoip with caching.

Important: this can't work with a caching environment due to the dynamic nature of detecting IP Country which is different for every visitor. A caching plugin thinks everyone is from the same location. Geotargeting/Geolocation products will never play well with caching. 

Updates Log

v1.8 - June 2022
- geoip location database updated
v1.7 - Aug 2021
- geoip location database updated
v1.6 - Dec 2020
- update geo database
- added session support so people can select their flag after initial redirect
v1.5 - Oct 2020 
- Updated geolocation database
v1.5.1 - Sept 2020
- Updated geolocation database
v1.4 - Feb 2019
- Migrated to the new geolite2 database format 
- Updated geoip databases 
- You can now append /?geodebug=true to any url to see which IP/Country is detected for you ip (for debugging purposes)
v1.3.1 - Mar 2018
- Adjusted the redirect to take the current permalink instead of "to homepage" 
- So now if user lands from a country to /contact he'll get redirected to /en/contact (for example) instead of to homepage/en
v1.3.1 - Jan 2018
- A few people were getting loop issues due to incorrect URL detection by some servers: this was sorted. 
- Also added a few geodebug features for easier issue finding whenever you get in touch for support. 
v1.2 - Nov 2017
- upgrade to subfolders structure
v1.1 - 10th Oct 2016
- added ability to translate popup messages
v1.0 - 3rd Oct 2016
- initial release
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