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Allows translating WPForms. You will be able to create a form in your language and translate it to different languages. No need to maintain several forms, one per language.


  • Adding support for the WPForms Form Pages Addon.
  • Adding support for the WPForms Conversational Forms Addon.
  • Added translation support for Surveys and Polls Addon.
  • Added support for translation of "title", "previous" and "next" in page break.
  • Added support to translate labels from "Select Image" field.
  • Fixed translating notifications when form submitted using AJAX.
  • Fix limiting dynamic field choices to current language.
  • Fix validating form with conditional logic in different languages.
  • Better admin notices on where to find form translations.
  • Fix Email sent to admin in wrong language.
  • Added support for translation of date and time placeholders.


  • Added the translation package clean-up.


  • Improved readability - started using form titles for translation package titles.


  • Added ability to translate WPForms.
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