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Allow your customers to ask questions about your products. Use their doubts to provide them more information and to reassure them about their purchase What the plugin does Build a powerful Q&A section in your product page so your customers can find a reply to their questions and buy without doubts. How you can benefit from it: You will increase your sales and reduce the number of abandoned carts by clearing those doubts that can interfere with the purchasing process directly from product pages. You will reduce return and refund requests by giving further information about the product and offering your users a clear overview. You will have an analysis tool related to questions your users ask more frequently or features they mainly search for on every product and information that need to be highlighted. You will be able to encourage your users to take an active part in your e-commerce and to personally reply to questions related to products they have previously purchased (like on Amazon). With a well-structured Q&A section, you will improve user- experience and reduce customer care work. undefined


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