YITH WooCommerce Save Cart for Buy Later 1.1.11

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An unexpected event prevents you from checking out in your favourite shop? Move selected products to a specified section and save them for a later moment. What the plugin does Inspired by Amazon: allow your customers to save products added to cart and purchase them at a later time. How you can benefit from it: You will be able to integrate one of the most interesting Amazon options in your e-commerce. According to statistics, 40% of users use the cart like a wishlist, adding and removing products depending on their current needs. You will improve your e-commerce usability by allowing your customers to save the products they are interested in directly on Cart page where they will always be visible and ready to be purchased (differently from products added to a wishlist, often forgotten by the user); You will give users the possibility to temporarily remove a product from the cart and add it again with just one click without searching that product on the store to select size, color, click on the Add to cart button, etc. A faster purchase process that increases your conversions. undefined


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